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November 09 Update: New 9 Images (Scroll down to end in “Options” Box).Install the extension to get HD wallpapers of baseball everytime you open a new tab.
You can find the extension in Chrome Web Store.

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Tuesday October 16, 2018

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For those who love baseball, like me, I’ve created this Baseball and MLB NewTab extension. Have fun!

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Some movies get remade because studios believe that nostalgia can squeeze more money out of a property, other movies get remade because a director sees a way to add something new to an already established story; A Star is Born is definitely in that latter category. We’ve seen this movie done several times, but with Bradley...

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– Select your favourite wallpaper from many available MLB wallpapers. Shuffle all baseball pictures (randomized background images) or Shuffle your favorite baseball themes only. More HD wallpapers of baseball and other MLB teams will be added soon.
– Check Date & Time instantly with a digital clock in Chrome new tab themes.
– Weather indicator, current weather status is displayed directly in Chrome new tab themes.
– Search with Google in the Chrome new tab themes.
– Images are included, make it loads faster. Work offline (the addon does not download anything when you open a new tab).

UPDATE 0.1.4:
– Added “Most Visited sites” to menu for quick navigation.
– Allow users to mark images as favorite, shuffle all images or shuffle favorite images only.
– New weather indicator service which is much better and more accurate.
– Allow users to switch between 12 hours and 24 hours format, switch between Celsius & Fahrenheit temperature.
– Simple & clean theme, more stunning HD pictures were added.

Burnley 0-4 Chelsea: The Blues thắng tưng bừng trong ngày vắng Hazard
Sunday October 28, 2018

 Dù không có Eden Hazard trong danh sách thi đấu nhưng Chelsea vẫn biết cách ghi tới 4 bàn vào lưới Burnley để có được chiến thắng giòn giã. Ghi bàn Chelsea: Morata (22′), Barkley (57′), Willian (63′), Loftus-Cheek (90’+3) Bất chấp những lo ngại về việc vắng ngôi sao lớn nhất Eden Hazard, Chelsea

UPDATE 0.1.3:
– Bug-fixes and UI/UX improvements.
– Easier to change theme and shuffle images.
– Faster New Tab loading time.
– Weather indicator can be turned on/off.

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