Teddy Bridgewater announces retirement: “I didn’t do all this rehab to play for the Jets”

(SP) – Free agent NFL quarterback Teddy Bridgewater announced his retirement today, saying his is unwilling to continue his career under the threat of playing for the New York Jets.
“I’ve worked my ass off for almost two full years to get back able to play,” Bridgewater said today, announcing his decision. “At no point when I was visualizing what my return would be like did I picture putting on a friggin’ Jets jersey. I didn’t get out of bed at 5:00 a.m. everyday and spend six hours in the gym, pushing through pain and scar tissue, to play for the Jets. No way. I respect myself and what I’ve done more than this.”
It was reported Tuesday that the Jets were close to signing Bridgewater, but the quarterback nixed the deal when his agent presented the final terms.
“I refuse to believe that the New York Jets are the only NFL team that would take me,” said Bridgewater. “But that’s what my agent says. So I’m retiring. I am at peace.”
Bridgewater’s agent, however, is encouraging his client to stay in shape for a better opportunity down the road.
“I’ve got a verbal agreement with the Cardinals next month when Sam Bradford’s knees catch on fire while jogging,” he said.
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