10 Best Adult & Youth Hockey Pants 2017: Comfort & Tailbone Protection

There are few sports that take as much skill and grace to play as the game of hockey does. It’s also a sport that adds violent contact on a regular basis into that mix too. That is why having the right equipment for protection is so important to those that play hockey. One of the most underrated pieces of equipment is the pants that many players wear but they are every bit as vital as any other piece of equipment. That is why we decided to take a look at several different models of hockey pants and come up with this list of the best hockey pants that a player can buy.Top Hockey Pants Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Bauer Vapor X800 Ice Hockey Pants $$$$Check Price on Amazon2. Bauer Junior Vapor X60 Pant $$Check Price on Amazon3. Bauer Vapor X100 Hockey Pants [SENIOR] $$$$&linkCode=sl1&tag=sportcon-20&linkId=d5473be07216d5fcd3c99acf48dd33cc” size=”medium” icon_position=”left” shape=”radius” color_class=”otw-red” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price on Amazon4. Tour Hockey HPA54BK-XL Adult Spartan XTR Hockey Pants $$Check Price on Amazon5. Bauer Nexus N7000 Ice Hockey Pants – Senior $$$Check Price on Amazon6. CCM QLT 270 Senior Ice Hockey Pants $$$$Check Price on Amazon7. Tour Hockey Adult Spartan Xt Ice Hockey Pants $$Check Price on Amazon8. Bauer Senior Vapor X60 Pant $$Check Price on Amazon9. Bauer Youth Nexus 400 Pant $$Check Price on Amazon10. Bauer Senior Nexus 400 Pant $$$Check Price on AmazonDo the areas that hockey pants protect really need to be protected? Consider this; you have probably banged your hip lightly at one time or another in your life on a hard object and it really hurt. Imagine how much more it would have hurt if it was a vulcanized rubber puck, a composite hockey stick or a large human body moving quickly that hit your hip. That is why people need a good pair of hockey pants to protect their hips, lower spine, kidneys, groin and thigh areas.Hockey Pants Buying GuideBecause of how important hockey pants are to your protection you don’t want to settle for buying the first pair of pants you come across. You need to take a look at the characteristics of hockey pants that tend to make one pair stand out among the rest.Here are the key things you need to consider when shopping for hockey pants:PriceWe always tend to lean toward thinking you get what you pay for when it comes to hockey equipment. The higher priced equipment usually has a more trendy tech and design innovations added to them. Keep in mind that not every player needs the most expensive pants to be well protected at the level they are playing at. For instance; a player in a non-contact men’s league can get away with buying a pant that is less protective and less expensive than a player who is playing in a senior full contact league. Be mindful that you never want to play totally unprotected in the area where hockey pants cover at any level of play because accidents can and do happen.Like with any product, there are also some real bargains to be found in the marketplace if you look too. These usually come in the form of lesser-known quality hockey equipment companies trying to make a name for themselves and off-season sales by the more reputable hockey equipment manufacturers.Size/FitHockey pants come in all different sizes too and some players like to wear them differently than others. It is one of those things that is more of an individual choice at the senior player level and something that needs to be watched more closely if you are buying hockey pants for your youth league player.Even different hockey manufacturers will sometimes get a reputation as a company that tends to make their pants a little looser fit than maybe other companies do. The trick is finding a hockey pant that is somewhat snug around the waist (not tight) yet is very unrestrictive when it comes to allowing movement in the upper leg and hip areas. Here’s a useful chart if you’re not sure your exact size.WeightHockey pants, not unlike other types of hockey equipment, have trended toward being made lighter for many years now. That is a good thing because the less your equipment weighs the slower fatigue will set in as you play. Just an extra few ounces of weight in each piece of equipment you wear can add up to carrying some significant weight around in a 60-minute hockey game. Look for equipment that is lighter in weight but does not compromise durability and safety to get that way.ProtectionTraditionally hockey pants will protect such areas as your thighs and hips very well but have very little protection on the backside of them except for your tailbone. This protection also comes in different thicknesses. Usually, the thicker a pair of pants protection is the heavier those pants will be. You want to get your youth player the maximum amount of protection and for yourself that is usually left up to your individual preference.Not all the protective equipment that is required in the areas on your body that hockey pants cover is located inside the pants like it used to be. These days most players wear a girdle under the pants that includes things built into as an athletic supporter, hip guards and other subtle forms of protection. So make sure you purchase both if they work in combination to keep you safe.StyleEveryone likes to look good when they are wearing a hockey uniform and there is nothing at all wrong with that. Don’t place a major emphasis on the looks of the hockey pants you buy but don’t totally discount that either. Sometimes you will get a little extra jump in your game if you feel like you look good too.These days hockey pants come in wide variety of designs and colors, so everyone that plays the game should be able to find a pair of pants that appeals to their eye too.FasteningYou have to be aware also how you or your youth player wants to hold their pants up. Since hockey pants tend to have a looser type fit this is essential to keep them in place. There are three main ways that this is done:Suspenders (will only go on pants with built-in clips or buttons)DrawstringsBeltsSo make sure you know what the options are for holding your pants up so you match that with your preference.IntangiblesThere is a lot of variation with hockey pants these days and you will have to look at each pair individually to see what they have that may be different from another company’s hockey pants. Some of the hockey pants out there have leggings built right into them so you don’t need special socks, some work in combination with girdle systems and yet others have removable pads so you can somewhat customize them. So be aware of what extras some hockey pants will give you over others.WarrantyIt is always a good idea to know what the warranty is that any hockey pants you are about to purchase have. This is often totally overlooked in the buying process but that is a mistake. Things such as material defects, poor workmanship, and separated stitching can and do happen at times. That is why you want to be protected as long as possible against these things.Best Hocket Pant ReviewsAfter looking at many different pairs of hockey pants these are the ones that we felt stood out among the rest: Bauer Vapor X800 Ice Hockey Pants – Senior Pros:Excellent protectionVery lightweight2 piece ergonomic thigh padsCons:Basic stylingTapered fit too tight for someNo built-in suspender attachmentsThese pants ranked first on our list because you can’t ask for much more from a hockey pant. Everything from their price point to the way they protect you when wearing them is very good, to say the least. Bauer has done a really nice job with the design of these hockey pants.They have a tapered design that will appeal to most skaters because it allows for excellent freedom of movement. They have ergonomic shaped thigh pads and the weight of these pants is very light even with the extra padding. Having a pair of hockey pants that fully protects you and is this lightweight is a big bonus when playing the game of hockey.The looks of these hockey pants is very basic but they are not an eyesore by any means. These also come in several different colors so they can be paired with just about any color uniform. Purchasing these pants is an excellent decision for any senior league hockey player. Bauer Junior Vapor X60 Pant Pros:Excellent protectionVery lightweightGreat price pointCons:Basic stylingTapered fit too tight for someOnly for youth & young junior playersHere is another great pair of pants from Bauer. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of younger hockey players. They offer good protection and some excellent freedom of movement to those who wear them.They are another pant that Bauer makes that has a tapered fit. It is a pant that fastens either by using the thick waist belt that comes with them or by buying a pair of suspenders to use with them. These pants also have a unique split thigh pad design which helps enhance fluid leg movement while wearing them.There is nothing fancy about these pants styling but they don’t look bad at all. They are also a very durable pant because of the advanced lightweight denier fabric they are made of. Your youth hockey player will have a lot of trouble finding a better pair of hockey pants for the price.Bauer Vapor X100 Hockey Pants [SENIOR] Pros:Excellent protectionVery lightweightExtremely comfortableCons:Basic stylingA little priceyVery loose fittingThese might just have been the number one hockey pant on our review list if they were a little bit lower in price. They are really that good of a design. You are probably starting to see a trend here in the way Bauer puts a lot of time and effort into their hockey pant design. We are only three pair of pants into the review and all three of them have been Bauer hockey products.One of the main features of these pants is how mobile and loose they are. It is a good pant to add suspenders to so you get an ideal fit with them. The material they are made of is very lightweight yet it feels strong and is abrasion resistant too.They are a basic style pant that comes in blue, red and black. Any senior league and above player will not regret purchasing these to play in.Tour Hockey HPA54BK-XL Adult Spartan XTR Hockey Pants  Pros:Excellent freedom of movementVery lightweightDurableCons:Lightly paddedBasic stylingNeed a hockey protective girdle to pair with them This is the first of two full length pants on our list and they are both made by Tour Hockey Products. They are not the type of hockey pant you want to wear if you play against intense competition but they are perfect for non-contact leagues and practice. If you are a senior hockey player you will really like these.When you pair these up with a nice padded girdle underneath them they will offer you more than adequate protection. The freedom of movement you get while wearing these pants is second to none also. They are a very comfortable pant that is made of sturdy material that you can use hockey tape on without hurting it.These pants have just a basic style to them and are only available in a limited amount of colors but even the basic black version will go well with any uniform that is worn with it.Bauer Nexus N7000 Ice Hockey Pants – Senior  Pros:Excellent all around protectionVery lightweightDurable Denier nylonCons:A little priceyBasic stylingDrawstring only tighteningMost senior league players will be very happy with the design of these hockey pants. They feel ultra-lightweight when they are on and they remain very comfortable even when moving in them. Bauer has done a good job with the features they have built into this pant design.They are a lightweight and very durable pant thanks to the denier nylon fabric that Bauer uses in their construction. The best thing about these hockey pants is the amount of protection they offer those players that wear them. They come complete with spine guard, advanced hip protection and ergonomically designed 2-piece thigh pads.These are a loose fitting type pant that uses only a skate lace drawstring type closure system to secure them on you. It is also a basic looking pant that is available in one of several different color choices.CCM QLT 270 Senior Ice Hockey Pants  Pros:Superior protectionVery lightweightSecure belt and drawstring closureCons:A little priceyBasic stylingTapered fit not to everyone’s likingCCM is one of the biggest and most reputable hockey equipment manufacturers in the world. This great pair of hockey pants certainly does nothing to hurt that reputation. They are well designed with outstanding features found all throughout the construction of them.Lightweight protection is what these hockey pants are all about. Dense foam and solid inserts do a great job of protecting such areas as the hips, kidneys and thighs. CCM was careful to make sure they still kept these pants light and flexible too.We like the style these hockey pants have to them and the fact they are also available in several different colors too. These are made out of abrasion resistant and strong nylon material that will help make them last a long time before you need to replace them. Tour Hockey Adult Spartan Xt Ice Hockey Pants  Pros:Excellent freedom of movementVery lightweightStretch CrotchCons:Lightly paddedBasic stylingNot for high contact hockey leaguesHere is the second of Tour Hockey’s full length hockey pants that can be found on our list. These are another excellent pair of light contact or practice hockey pants that offer those that wear them the maximum amount of mobility you can get in a hockey pant. Tour has done a nice job on this design.The material found on these is breathable and amazingly lightweight. These are lightly padded, so as we said you would not want to wear them in a full contact hockey league. They do provide decent protection in such areas as the hips and thighs if worn in conjunction with a protective hockey girdle.It is a pair of hockey pants that has a little style to them too. Also, these handy pants can also easily double as a hockey pant you can wear when playing inline hockey too.Bauer Senior Vapor X60 Pant  Pros:Excellent price pointVery lightweightDurable Denier nylonCons:Lightly paddedBasic stylingBelt tightening onlyIf you are looking for a hockey pant with that offers a medium level of protection with excellent range of motion, then these senior pants from Bauer will do the trick nicely for you. They are a lightweight pant that is definitely built for speed.These pants offer a lot of freedom to your upper legs when skating in them. They are definitely not as restrictive as bulkier and thicker padded hockey pants. We probably would not recommend them for full contact levels of hockey but for everything else they are fineThey are a basic looking pant that is built to last because they are another Bauer pant made out of tough dernier nylon fabric. Another great thing about these hockey pants is they are very affordable in price.Bauer Youth Nexus 400 Pant  Pros:Good protectionVery lightweightGreat price pointCons:Basic stylingTapered fit too tight for someOnly for youth & young junior playersThis is a very high quality youth hockey pant from Bauer. It is a design that keeps the pant lightweight but still provides good padding for youth level hockey play. Bauer really does a nice job when it comes to making quality and affordable equipment for those young players just starting out in the sport.These pants offer excellent protection in the hip, lower spine and thigh areas. They accomplish this with a combination of lightweight plastic shields and high density foam padding. That is how they can keep the weight down on these pants without sacrificing safety.These are a basic pant that comes in several different colors. We like this pants durability too because it’s made out of lightweight but strong nylon material.Bauer Senior Nexus 400 Pant  Pros:Good freedom of movementVery lightweightDurable denier nylonCons:Medium paddedBasic stylingToo loose fitting for someThis is a free skating design that traditional leaning hockey players will love. Just don’t take that as meaning that they are not a hockey pant that offers good protection because any player that wears them will be well protected in the lower spine, hip, kidney and thigh areas.There is a lot to like about these hockey pants from Bauer. They have such outstanding features as 2-piece ergonomically designed thigh pads, expandable leg gussets and a drawstring closure system. They are also made out of very durable denier nylon material; that helps make them very abrasion resistant yet still keeps them light in nature.They are a very basic pant as far as styling is concerned but they are available in a variety of colors to offset that a little.Conclusion & Recommendations If there is one thing that should be clear after reading our buying guide and reviews it’s that not all hockey pants are created equal. That is done intentionally by the manufacturers to satisfy the needs of players that play at different levels of hockey. So be sure to match any pants you will buy will the level of competition that you or your youth player compete at. We recommend the Bauer Junior Vapor X60 Pant for youth and junior level competition, the Tour Hockey HPA54BK-XL Adult Spartan XTR Hockey Pants for adult non-contact leagues and the Bauer Vapor X800 Ice Hockey Pants if you are playing in a hardcore physical hockey league.If you keep in mind all the things we talked about here in this article and use the reviews as a guideline, you should have no trouble finding the best hockey pants to meet you or your youth hockey player’s needs. The post 10 Best Adult & Youth Hockey Pants 2017: Comfort & Tailbone Protection appeared first on Sport Consumer.

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