10 Best Hockey Gloves 2019: Adult & Youth

To be successful at playing hockey you need to have strong hands. This is demanded because stick handling, shooting and passing with your hands is such a big part of the game. That also means if you suffer a hand injury it can take your ability to play the game completely away until you heal. This is why all players regardless of age really need to have the best hockey gloves they can find when they play the game.Top Hockey Gloves Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Bauer Supreme ONE.6 Hockey Gloves Junior $$$$Check Price on Amazon2. Bauer Vapor X80 Senior Hockey Gloves $$$Check Price on Amazon3. Easton Pro 10 Senior Hockey Gloves $$$$Check Price on Amazon4. Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Gloves $Check Price on Amazon5. Tour Hockey K-4 Pro Hockey Glove $$$Check Price on Amazon6. Warrior Senior Covert DT1 Hockey Glove $$$$Check Price on Amazon7. Bauer Vapor X:Lite Senior Hockey Gloves $$Check Price on Amazon8. Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3 Senior Hockey Gloves $$$$Check Price on Amazon9. Easton Synergy Reflex Junior Hockey Gloves ( A14058X ) $Check Price on Amazon10. Franklin Sports NHL SX Pro HG 1505 Gloves $Check Price on AmazonGloves will accomplish several things for those that wear them. The most important of which is protecting the hands from injury. They also help keep your hands from getting blisters as they slide up and down a hockey stick, help to keep your hands warm in a cold ice rink environment and they also will help provide you with some grip extra grip on your hockey stick. So you can see how important they are to you or your youth player as you the gameHockey Glove Buying GuideNow that you know or already knew how important gloves are to you or your youth hockey player as you play the game, you also need to know what the key characteristics of hockey gloves are that you need to consider when shopping for them. That is why we will devote a section of this article for that purpose.Here are the key characteristics of hockey gloves that you need to take a serious look at when you are shopping for them:PriceOf course price will be a factor in any purchase you make and it’s no different with hockey gloves. As a general rule the more expensive a pair of hockey gloves is the better quality set of gloves it is too. Hockey gloves tend to be a get what you pay for type item. Be aware though that there are some exceptions too and you can find some excellent deals on hockey gloves at certain times of the year.Safety/PaddingThis is by far the most important aspect of hockey gloves that you should look at when buying them for yourself or your youth player. Hockey is a physical game where sometimes violent contact occurs between players’ bodies and their sticks. The hands are an area you want fully protected because they are exposed during the routine playing of the game so much. Make sure any style hockey gloves that you are thinking about buying have adequate padding for the level of play that you or your youth player participate in. Keep in mind also there is no such thing as too much protection.MaterialHockey gloves used to be made out of cowhide and leather but that is no longer the case. They are now made out of durable synthetic materials in most cases so the gloves are lighter and more flexible than they have ever been before. The trick is finding a material that is flexible the way you or youth player like it, yet still gives you some protection and dries quickly. So make sure you are aware of what the material is that any pair of hockey gloves that you are thinking about buying are made of.WeightThis is another aspect of hockey gloves that has changed drastically over the years. Hockey gloves you to be very big, bulky and heavy. That is no longer the case because of the lightweight materials they are made of and the improvement in lightweight plastics placed in the gloves for protection. But there still are differences in weight and a few ounces can make a big difference in arm and hand fatigue over the course of a 60 minute game.Palm MaterialMany people don’t look close enough at the palm construction of a hockey glove before they make their purchase. This is much too an important of an area on hockey gloves to simply overlook because the feel you have when using your hockey stick is so vital. You want a material that is thick enough to prevent such things as blisters but also supple enough so you get a good grip on your stick when using it.FitHockey gloves fit in one of three different ways. Which one you choose is a matter of personal preference.TraditionalThese are the loosest fitting of all the different types of hockey gloves. There is a lot of room in both the hand and wrist areas to allow maximum freedom of movement.TaperedThis type of hockey glove fit tends to be snug in the palm area yet still is very loose around the wrist.Snug (Anatomical)These types of hockey gloves fit more like a glove than they do a more traditional style hockey glove. They are much snugger in the palm and wrist areas than other types of hockey gloves.CuffsThe wrist area of a hockey glove often referred to as the cuff, will come in one of two different sizes. A longer cuff offers more protection, whereas a shorter cuff offers more flexibility and freedom of movement for your wrist area as you play the game of hockey.WarrantyHockey gloves are subject to a lot of adverse conditions when you are playing with them. They will get wet, sweaty, dirty and repeatedly hit by hockey pucks and hockey sticks. That is the reason why you want to get a pair of hockey gloves that is covered by a very good warranty. This will help give you peace of mind that you are making a sound hockey glove buying decision.Best Hockey Glove Reviews Bauer Junior Supreme 150 Glove This is an excellent pair of youth hockey gloves from the reputable hockey equipment manufacturer Bauer. They are also a pair pf gloves that will not break the bank. This is a nice design from Bauer that is made to fit tighter than some other styles. It fits almost like a regular glove that you would put on your hand.There is a wide range of movement and flexibility that this glove gives you because of the way it fits. That flexibility makes it easier for a youth player to such things as pass, stickhandle and shoot. The short cuff makes the glove very non-restrictive in the wrist area too.These gloves are also very lightweight so they will cut down on your young players fatigue level as they play. Even though they are lightweight they are still very protective. They have all the padding they need to help protect your child’s hands while they play the game.Bauer Vapor X80 Senior Hockey Gloves Pros:LightweightStylishTapered shapingCons:Not for youth playersA little tight for someA little thick in the palmsBauer adds yet another great glove to our list. It will help protect any senior player’s hands as they play the game of hockey. It is a very lightweight glove but it still offers premium protection in all the needed areas.It is made to be a tough glove that will hold well up even after getting wet. That is because the material it’s made of is a combination of imitation leather and nylon mesh fiber. That also helps the glove stay dry longer as you play the game.This glove is tapered in shape. That gives you excellent control over the glove in your palm area yet it also gives you the flexibility and room to move you need around your wrist. Bauer did a great job designing this model glove.Easton Pro 10 Senior Hockey Gloves Pros:LightweightMoisture wicking linerdurable knit fabric shellCons:Not for youth playersA little stiff in the fingersthick in the palmsEaston has done a nice job with the design of this glove. It is a professional style glove that you can purchase for a very reasonable price. Any senior league player will be kept safe and enjoy superior hand movement when wearing these gloves in a game of hockey.These are a very lightweight pair of gloves that are made of a tough shell material to ensure they will last a long time. The stitching in the palm and the rest of the glove is very high in quality too. They feature an ergonomically designed thumb and a flexible two piece finger design.These gloves are very stylish looking too and will compliment any uniform they are paired with. They come in a variety of different colors and sizes. Any senior player should be able to find a pair that fits their needs nicely.Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Gloves Pros:One piece thumbMoisture wicking linerSingle density foam protectionCons:Not for older youth playersA little stiff in the fingersthick in the palmsThese are really nice gloves for beginning youth hockey players. It is an entry level glove that is extremely lightweight yet still offers all the protection your youth player will need at that hockey level. Bauer as usual is right on top of things when it comes to the design of this youth hockey glove.There is a lot to like about these gloves. For one, they have breathable fabric on both the inside and the outside of the glove. This means the moisture that gets on them does not stay long. If you hang these out to dry after your youth player is done with a game, the moisture wicking fabric will quickly dry which will help the material in these gloves hold up for a long time.These gloves are simple but effective both in the protection they afford your youth player and in the way they look. These Bauer gloves are also very affordable in price and just flexible enough for your youth player to be able to nicely hold onto a hockey stick.Tour Hockey K-4 Pro Hockey Glove Pros:Exceptional price pointMoisture wicking linerPro quality designCons:No youth versionMinor stitching issuesthick in the palmsIf you are a competitive hockey player that is tired of paying outrageous prices for replacement hockey gloves, then tour hockey may have exactly what you are looking for here. This is an extremely high quality glove that is sold at a very affordable price. Tour is not the biggest name in hockey equipment but if they keep making products like this they soon will be.What do we like about these really well-designed hockey gloves? It starts with the flexibility you get when you are using them. They have a very lightweight shell to them. They will also do a good job of protecting your hands while playing hockey in them. This is because they have thick EVA foam padding throughout them and slash shields in the most likely places you will get hit by an opponent’s stick.They are a short cuff glove that has a lot of style to them also. These gloves have lots of room in the wrist and taper down to the palm for a tighter grip in that area. Kudos to the innovative and affordable design here from Tour hockey.Warrior Senior Covert DT1 Hockey Glove  ProsLightweightStylishTapered Fit   Cons:Not for youth aged playersCostlyA little thick in the palmsHere is another nice hockey glove from a less well-known manufacturer but that does not mean that Warrior does not make some good hockey equipment. These gloves certainly are a testament to that. They are a glove that is built well enough to play in even the most competitive hockey leagues.This pair of gloves is designed to fit tight around your palms and then taper to a looser fit around your wrists. The palm has an incredibly soft feel to and there is moisture wicking material found throughout these gloves also. They offer great protection too with a combination of thick, lightweight foam all around the outside and protective plating in the thumb area.Let’s not forget what we all thought was one of the best features of these gloves and that was how stylish their design is. In some of our opinions they are the most stylish pair of gloves on our review list. Especially if you get a version of this glove that has a contrasting color scheme.Bauer Vapor X:Lite Senior Hockey GlovesPros:LightweightCompetitive level hockey approvedTapered fitCons:No youth sizingHigher pricedA little loose around your wristsThese are not the least expensive gloves on our review list by any means but boy are they very good quality ones. They are a pair of gloves that can take the beating that you will get while wearing them in any level senior hockey league play. Yes they really are that good.What makes these gloves so lite that this is even included in the name of them? It has to do with the fibers that Bauer uses in their construction. They are space age synthetics and microfibers that keep the weight of the glove down while still keeping it durable. Not to mention the excellent dry wicking capabilities the material in this glove has.This glove is not only lightweight it is extremely flexible too. This is due to the fact these gloves have 2 piece segmented fingers and one of the softest palms on any pair of hockey gloves we looked at.Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3 Senior Hockey Gloves Pros:LightweightCompetitive level hockey approvedAnatomical fitCons:No youth sizingPriceyA little tight around your wristsThis is a very impressive design here from Bauer. It is definitely one of the most impressive set of hockey gloves on our list from top to bottom. Everything about these gloves is superior in quality to most any other pair of hockey gloves that we took a look at.Where do we start? They are a lightweight glove that has loads of moisture wicking materials used all throughout it. These gloves also include dual layer foam padding for advanced protection and a unique design to make them as flexible as possible too. They are an anatomical style fit for the maximum amount of hand and wrist control when playing hockey.This is a stylish hockey glove to that will nicely accent any uniform it is paired with. It is a great overall design that comes in an assortment of different colors. This hockey product would have been much higher on our list if not for the price. They are well worth the money though if you are a serious senior hockey player.Easton Synergy Reflex Junior Hockey Gloves ( A14058X ) Pros:Great stick feelMoisture wicking linerStabilizing wrist wrapCons:Run a little smallA little stiff in the fingerssynthetic palmsThis is an excellent youth/small junior sized hockey glove that Easton puts out. It offers those youth/junior players that wear it many competitive advantages. It provides any young player with a fair amount of protection and it keeps its weight light while doing so.The very nice features of this inexpensive hockey glove for younger players’ starts with the lightweight material that these gloves are made out. They also have a unique microfiber palm which wicks away moisture and helps your child get a superior grip on their hockey stick. It even has a handy wrist wrap to offer younger players more stability when holding onto their hockey stick.It is a good looking glove that will compliment any uniform and it comes in a small variety of sizes and colors. Any youth or junior player that these fit will be well protected and have a lot of flexibility in their hand and wrist area too.Franklin Sports NHL SX Pro HG 1505 Gloves Pros:LightweightRecreational level hockey approvedaffordableCons:No youth sizing availableSome durability concernsLoose fitting around the wristsIf you are the type of senior hockey player that is on a budget and does not play against high level competition, then Franklin has got a very affordable glove here that will do the job nicely for you. It is a glove that is even an officially licensed National Hockey league product.This glove offers those who wear it maximum flexibility and a comfortable lightweight fit. Its exterior is made of a blend of polyester cloth and simulated leather. These materials are what make the glove comfortable to wear and it also helps wick away moisture. The two piece thumb and finger design help you keep a firm grip on your stick at all times.It is a stylish glove that has a nice tapered fit to it and it also features a short style cuff that many players like. This is not a bad hockey glove at all for the price.Recommendation & Conclusion It’s no secret that we are big fans of all the model hockey gloves that we reviewed here. Each and every one of them has distinct advantages they offer to the age group that they are designed for. You cannot go wrong with purchasing any pair of them. With that being said, there are two hockey glove models that really caught our attention. That is the Bauer Junior Supreme 150 Glove for younger players and if it fits into your budget the Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3 Senior Hockey Gloves.If by chance you don’t like any of the hockey gloves we reviewed then take your time shopping in the sports marketplace. There are a lot of different hockey gloves to choose from out there. You will actually be pretty amazed by the size of the selection available to you. Don’t be afraid to refer to our handy buying guide to help you recognize the key factors of hockey gloves to consider. If you do all of these things then you should have no problem finding the best hockey gloves that fit you or your youth player’s needs.The post 10 Best Hockey Gloves 2019: Adult & Youth appeared first on Sport Consumer.

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