8 Best Wrestling Knee Pads 2019: Protection & Performance

There is no doubt about it; wrestling is a sport that takes a huge amount of toughness to play. It involves a lot of heavy body contact yet a wrestler does not use much protective equipment. One place where collisions can be particularly violent when wrestling is in the knee area. That is why wrestlers at any level must wear knee pads to protect this area where any injury can potentially be very serious.Top Wrestling Knee Pads Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Protective Knee Pads by Bodyprox $$Check Price on Amazon2. McDavid 410 Knee Pad with Sorbothane Insert $$Check Price on Amazon3. Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves (SOLD AS A PAIR of 2) $$$Check Price on Amazon4. Bucwild Wrestling Knee Pads $$Check Price on Amazon5. ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Knee Pad $$$Check Price on Amazon6. Youth Neoprene Wrestling Knee Support by Safe-T-Gard $$Check Price on Amazon7. Cliff Keen Impact Bubble Kneepad $$Check Price on Amazon8. ASICS Gel II Wrestling Knee Sleeve $$Check Price on AmazonGiven their importance, we thought it appropriate to give you a little more information on what are key components of knee pads to look for when shopping. We will also review some of the best wrestling knee pads out there in the sports marketplace.Why Use Knee Pads?Why should every wrestler use knee pads? There are three main reasons.The first and most important reason to wear knee pads is to protect that sensitive area from contact that can cause a minor and major injury. If you injure a knee it can affect everything you do with your legs in the short term and even have very long-term consequences too. Not to mention if you bang knee bones with a competitor the pain can be so intense it can debilitate you for a short period of time.The knee is made up of some of the most sensitive soft tissues in the body and they will come under a lot of stress and strain while wrestling. A knee pad not only provides protection from contact but it also provides much-needed support to the knee area to help stabilize the delicate soft tissues that make up this joint.The knees spend a lot of time rubbing and coming into contact with the rubber mats on which the sport is played.  It used to be that a wrestler’s knees would be covered brush burns and abrasions because of this. Proper knee pads that that extend above and below the entire knee will prevent these types of nuisance injuries from happening.Wrestling Knee Pad Buying GuideNow that we know knee pads provide many valuable forms of support and protection, it’s time to take a look at the key characteristics of them that you should take a close look at when shopping for a pair of them.Here are the important features of wrestling knee pads that you should consider when looking to purchase them for yourself or your youth wrestler:PriceOf course, price is always a consideration when buying an item but it most likely will not be a huge factor in your wrestling knee pad buying decision. They generally do not run on the expensive side but with that being said, they are not so cheap they are a readily disposable item either. They are also an item where you should be much more concerned with the protection and support they offer you or your youth wrestler as opposed to the price. The most expensive ones are not always the best and there are some real bargains to be had in the sports marketplace too.SizeJust like all body parts come in different sizes on different people, so to do your knees. That is why you have to use a manufacturer’s sizing chart to make sure you get a size that fits you correctly. What we mean by that is you need a pair of knee pads that will stay in place while you are wearing them and they are not so tight they restrict your movement. Yes, they are an item that stretches when you put them on, but if you have to stretch them a lot to put them on then they are probably too small for you. You definitely want to purchase knee pads that you are comfortable wearing for an extended period of time.LengthThere are many different lengths of knee pads in the marketplace and generally speaking, a lot of what you should choose is left up to your individual preferences. The longer they are of course the more area around the knee they will cover and protect. In many cases the longer they are the more restrictive they will be too, so there is definitely a tradeoff here.Type of PaddingKnee pads are no longer the identical one size fits all items they used to be. These days even the padding inside them is made up of all different kinds of material. Many knee pads these days have padding that consists of modern and lightweight gel packs which are great. You will still see other types of padding too such as foam, high-density sponge and other types of layered material.MaterialThere is a large variation in materials that knee pads are made out of now too. You will see them typically made out of such materials as nylon, Lycra spandex, and neoprene. Each of these materials has good and bad properties about them and not all of them will appeal to every wrestler that wears them. If you have worn knee pads before then it is best to stick with what has been comfortable for you to wear in the past.StyleThis should not be a major point of emphasis when purchasing knee pads but if you get good protection and support from them than there is no reason you can’t look good in them too. These days knee pads come in a variety of different colors and some even have decorative logos or other graphics on them.Number of Pads IncludedThis may seem like a no-brainer but knowing how many knee pads come in a package you are buying is more difficult than you may think. This is especially true if you are buying online. Make sure you know if the knee pads you are purchasing are sold in pairs or you are buying just one individual knee pad for the price you are paying.Best Wrestling Knee Pad ReviewsWe took a look at many different models of wrestling knee pads and here is what we think are the best knee pads of those we looked at: Protective Knee Pads by Bodyprox Pros:Excellent supportVery lightweight sponge paddingErgonomic designCons:Only 2 sizes availableMedium level bump protectionExtremely basic stylingThese are comfortable and lightweight knee pads that are made by a company called Bodyprox. They are known for making quality athletic support equipment. It is a knee pad that offers not only excellent support to the knee area but also offers a medium level of protection against the bumping and banging that the knee area takes. They are the type of knee pads that wrestlers who prefer mobility over bulk like to wear. McDavid 410 Knee Pad with Sorbothane Insert Pros:Excellent supportVery lightweight paddingBarely noticeable flat seamsCons:Does not shed moistureMedium level bump protectionExtremely basic stylingThese are a very supportive knee pad that features superb construction so they will do their job well for a long period of time. Neoprene will make you sweat a little when wearing it but it is also stretches easily without restrictions. These knee pads have a superior fit because of their anatomical design and their padding does a more than adequate job of absorbing impact. Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves (SOLD AS A PAIR of 2) Pros:Excellent supportVery lightweight paddingUnique and comfortable designCons:A little bulky in the frontlight bump protectionExtremely basic stylingThese are a little different than typical wrestling knee pads that you will come across. They are more like a protective sleeve with slight padding throughout the front of them. We think they will offer those that wear them an extreme amount of knee flexibility and comfort. These knee pads are offered in many vibrant colors too. Bucwild Wrestling KneepadsPros:Excellent supportMaximum paddingMany sizes offeredCons:Bulkylight bump protectionNot stylishIf your number one goal when using knee pads for wrestling is protection then look no further. These highly padded knee pads from Motion Infiniti will do the trick nicely for you. The main feature of this product is its thick, high-density foam padding in the front. This item must be sized right because they are made of cotton fabric which is comfortable but does not stretch as easily as other fabrics. ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Knee Pad Pros:Excellent supportVery lightweight gel paddingBarely noticeable flat seamsCons:Does not shed moistureMedium level bump protectionExtremely basic stylingHere is another wrestling knee pad that is lightweight and offers a medium level of bump protection. It is made by Asics which has a long history of making fine wrestling support equipment. These are made of a very comfortable rubber and nylon blend material that stretches easily. We observed these are a knee pads that also stay in place very well as you wear them. Youth Neoprene Wrestling Knee Support by Safe-T-Gard Pros:Excellent neoprene supportlightweight paddingcontoured cutCons:Does not shed moistureMedium level bump protectionSold individuallyHere is the only pair of strictly youth knee pads that made our review list. They are made of neoprene which offers excellent support and durability. They will stay where placed and will give your child some nice protection against accidental bumps to the knees also. This product comes in a large variety of youth sizes. Cliff Keen Impact Bubble Kneepad Pros:Excellent supportGood bubble padding protectionMany sizes offeredCons:BulkyCan be restrictiveSold individuallyYou don’t get many bigger names than Cliff Keen when it comes to wrestling products. This fine set of knee pads does a nice job of upholding their reputation for making fine wrestling equipment. These pads are designed for those adults who are willing to sacrifice some mobility to keep their knees well protected. These are a sleeve-style knee pad so they stay in place well and also give your knees some really good support. Again Cliff keen comes through with the design of this really protective knee pad. ASICS Gel II Wrestling Knee Sleeve Pros:Excellent supportVery lightweight gel paddingShort lengthCons:Does not shed moistureMedium level bump protectionSlip a little when wornHere is a good protective knee pad for those that don’t like them so long in length. This knee pad only goes slightly past the knee but still does a great job of protecting it. These tend to offer those that wear them a nice combination of flexibility and adequate knee protection. Their neoprene material also helps them support the knee as they are worn too. This is a nice design here from Asics for those who like freedom of movement in their knees as they wrestle.When buying knee pads it is important to concentrate mostly on the support and protection aspect of them. They also have to be comfortable to wear for a long period of time. Much of the rest of the knee pads that you will purchase is left up to you or your child’s personal preferences.Which of our reviewed knee pads do we recommend the most? We would have to say we like the Youth Neoprene Wrestling Knee Support by Safe-T-Gard for kids and we recommend two different ones for teen and adult wrestlers. For those who like maximum protection, ten and adults you should choose the Knee Pads for Wrestling by Motion Infiniti. For those teens and adults that like a combination of mobility and lightweight padding, the McDavid 410 Knee Pad is a great choice.So fit your personal preferences to any of the knee pads on our list and you can’t go wrong with that purchase. If by chance you don’t like any of the knee pads we reviewed then follow the tips in our buying guide and you will be sure to find one of the best wrestling knee pads for you or your youth wrestlers needs.Okay, so it’s Not About Knee Pads, But it’s a Great Lifestyle Story!The post 8 Best Wrestling Knee Pads 2019: Protection & Performance appeared first on Sport Consumer.

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