David Arquette fires back at fans who are hating on his pro wrestling career

David Arquette is a controversial name among pro wrestling circles. In 2000, Arquette starred in Ready to Rumble and in doing promotion for the movie, Arquette became WCW Champion. That storyline contributed to WCW’s downfall and the company would be sold to WWE less than a year later.
In the 18 years since, Arquette has been public about his pro wrestling fandom and has been doing independent shows on the side in addition to his acting and producing career. Unlike many celebrities who get in the wrestling business and don’t take it seriously, Arquette has been making an honest attempt at getting in the industry the right way, by starting over from the bottom after being at the top. Just last month, Arquette was in a “death match” which is what it sounds like and was hospitalized after getting cut in the neck by the glass from florescent light tube broken over his head.
But while Arquette seems to have the respect of his fellow wrestlers, fans seem less forgiving. It’s not the kind of regular hate fans have for a wrestling bad guy, it’s more that because he’s from Hollywood, fans feel that Arquette doesn’t “get” the wrestling business. That, and the WCW Championship storyline.
It’s not all negative criticism from fans, many have been supportive of Arquette’s entry into wrestling. But after it was announced that Arquette would compete in an upcoming NWA show, fan criticism came back and Arquette had enough. Arquette defended himself against his critics who seem will never be satisfied no matter what he does in wrestling.

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I love all the hate I’m getting here. It baffles me that these people can love wrestling just like I do but I’m a joke in their eyes. That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. 8 months of training. Two surgeries, 3 broken ribs, traveling across the US, getting… https://t.co/lY9arwrEXS
— David Arquette (@DavidArquette) December 18, 2018

Stiffed by promoters, helping shine a light on talent I believe in that aren’t getting recognized, doing little things I won’t mention to give back to both wrestling and individual wrestlers and I’m the asshole? Wrestling is for the people and by the people…
— David Arquette (@DavidArquette) December 18, 2018

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I may have grown up in Hollywood but I’m not some stuck up punk. I had and opportunity to be a part of WCW when I was in my 20’s to travel with some of my heroes in the ring and I took it. I’m done apologizing. Now I just want to kick some ass so any of you bitches have a…
— David Arquette (@DavidArquette) December 18, 2018

Problem with me I’ll see you in Tennessee or wherever I’m wrestling and we can settle it like men.
— David Arquette (@DavidArquette) December 18, 2018

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I personally never got the hate for David Arquette. Yes, the WCW thing was terrible and Arquette didn’t earn the title but it wasn’t like he came up with the idea. Vince Russo thought of the angle, Arquette immediately thought it was a bad idea and Arquette doesn’t have a problem saying publicly that he didn’t think it was a good idea. But if that was the storyline and WCW was steadfast in wanting to do that, a professional goes through with the angle and tries to make the best of it. Like an actor has to make the best out of being in a clearly terrible movie.
So if that’s the case, why are we punishing David Arquette for that? Arquette seems to have had a healthy acting career that he doesn’t need the money. And if he did need the money, he can make way more money and be hurt a lot less doing other things. He’s taking the same knocks other independent wresters are taking and while he started at the top, is certainly earning his keep on independent shows. I’m not saying David Arquette is the only one in wrestling for the love of the industry but he clearly is so let’s treat him like others who are also trying to work their way up and not look at him as some sort of “Hollywood jerk.”
The silver lining is that at least with this fan hate he’s receiving, Arquette can channel that and become a pretty effective heel. So there’s at least that option. But I’d rather boo him because of the things he does in the ring, not because I somehow feel he hasn’t earned the things he’s received.
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