10 Best Hockey Helmets 2019 : Adult & Youth

There are many sports that are very physical to play. One of the most physical sports is the game of ice hockey. That is why this sport requires those who play it to be protected from head to toe. One of the most vulnerable areas to injury when playing the game is the head. That is why no matter what level of hockey you or your youth player is involved in you must have a proper helmet. We have taken the time in this article to tell you what makes a helmet a good one and we have also reviewed some of the best hockey helmets in the sports marketplace.Top Hockey Helmet Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo $$$Check Price on Amazon2. Warrior PX3H5 Ice Hockey Players Helmet $$$Check Price on Amazon3. Bauer 4500 Helmet Combo II $$$Check Price on Amazon4. Bauer Youth LIL SPORT Helmet Combo $$Check Price on Amazon5. CCM FitLite 60 Hockey Helmet Combo $$Check Price on Amazon6. Warrior Krown 360 Hockey Helmet $$$$Check Price on Amazon7. Bauer Nike Hockey 7500 Hockey Helmet $$$Check Price on Amazon8. Bauer 2100 Combo Helmet $Check Price on Amazon9. Easton E200 Youth Hockey Helmet Combo BLACK $$$Check Price on Amazon10. Bauer IMS 9.0 Hockey Helmet $$$$Check Price on AmazonWhy do you need a good helmet when playing the sport of hockey? The main reason is to avoid taking unabsorbed blows to the head that can possibly result in a concussion. A concussion results when you take a blow to the head that is significant enough to rattle the brain inside your skull. They can be an injury that is very hard to detect and they can even result in your brain being permanently damaged. That is why a good hockey helmet is considered an essential piece of equipment for any level hockey player.Hockey Helmet Buyer’s GuideWhat makes a hockey helmet a good one? There are several things that you need to consider. It is the combination of several key characteristics that make a helmet safe and comfortable to wear when playing the game of hockey.Here are the key features of hockey helmets that you need to take a close look at when making a hockey helmet purchase for you or your youth hockey player:PriceMost of us are on some type of budget when we are shopping for hockey equipment and helmets are usually no exception. Be forewarned though, a hockey helmet is not something you want to shop for based totally on price. We have just told you about the need for protection against concussions and other hockey-related head injuries. So our advice here is to spend a little more to get a helmet that gives you as much protection as possible to help prevent head injuries. There are other areas you can trim your hockey shopping budget so you will be well-advised not to do it when shopping for a helmet.SafetyThis is the number one priority when shopping for helmets to wear when playing the game of hockey. Strangely enough, years ago helmets were not even required equipment for playing the game; nowadays though they are mandatory equipment even at professional levels. Most leagues will even require the use of some type of eye or face protection with them too.What makes a helmet safe to wear? There is actually a combination of things that come together to make a hockey helmet as safe as possible. Here are the main factors of a helmet that contribute to the safety of it when it is being worn during a hockey game.Fit/AdjustabilityThe importance of a helmet fitting you or your youth hockey player properly cannot be emphasized enough. A hockey helmet that does not fit is almost as bad as having no hockey helmet at all. If a helmet is too loose on a player it can even cause an injury itself.That is why you need to buy a helmet that has some adjustability built into it. Rarely do you put on a helmet and it fits perfectly. A quality helmet will have such things as screws that allow you to adjust the tightness of the helmet around your ears and snug it up around your head.PaddingNot only does any helmet you purchase have to fit snuggly on your head but it also has to be padded in the right places too. Basically, that means any place that your head comes into contact with the helmet there should be some thick foam padding between your head and the plastic part of the helmet too. The foam will not only protect you but it will also help the helmet feel more comfortable as you wear it.Eye/Face ProtectionThese days eye protection is pretty much mandatory in many adult leagues and full face protection is usually required in youth leagues. Even if it is not required in the league you play in you really should consider wearing at least a visor on your helmet. So look for a helmet that is sold in combination with eye or full face protection.StrappingTo make your helmet as safe as possible you will need a good chin strap too. Most will come with a standard chinstrap but some are of higher quality and are more comfortable to use than others.WeightManufacturers will try to do whatever is possible to keep their helmets light, but some helmets are definitely heavier than others. This can be especially true if eye or full face protection is added to the helmet. If a helmet is too heavy for you it may be uncomfortable to wear and can even cause some neck soreness. So consider a helmets weight during the buying process too.StyleTry your helmet on to see if it looks good. If two helmets are of similar quality then you might want to pick the one that looks best on you. There is nothing written that says you can’t look good while playing the game of hockey. Hockey helmets also come in a variety of colors to choose from too in most cases.WarrantyHockey is a sport that is very rough on equipment. Although helmets are usually strong and impervious to most things that happen in the game, you never know when a helmet will break prematurely. That is why you want to check out the warranty on any helmet you are thinking about buying. The longer the warranty the more peace of mind you have to spend a little bit more on a hockey helmet.Best Hockey Helmet Reviews Easton E700 Helmet You are going to see the name Bauer come up very often on our list of high-quality hockey helmets but they did not take the top spot of all the different hockey helmets we looked at. That honor, in a big surprise for us, goes to this fine hockey helmet made by Easton. There really is a whole lot to like about it.For starters this helmet is really lightweight and comfortable to wear. It was the lightest helmet design of any we tested. It felt more like a bicycle helmet than it did a hockey helmet despite the fact it is still well padded and built sturdy. This helmet uses what Easton calls an EPP foam; it makes the helmet fit snug but not so snug it is uncomfortable.The helmet also has such safety features as over the ear protection and you can easily add a full face mask or eye shield to it also. It comes in several different colors including a black matte finish that you don’t see very often on hockey helmets.ProsVery lightweightComfortable and protective EPP foam linerOptional unique black matte colorConsCould be more adjustableScuffs easilyFoam repels sweat Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Helmet Combo This is the first youth hockey helmet on our review list and it’s a good one made by the reputable hockey equipment company Bauer. It will help protect any beginning hockey player from sustaining head injuries. It even comes complete in combination with a full cage facemask.To put it quite simply, everything about this helmet is designed to make it easy for any youth hockey player to take it on and off. Kids tend to get a little panicky when they can’t get their helmets off quickly and this helmet eliminates that. The helmet has a quick snap release and even the face shield unsnaps quickly too.There are other things to like about this great youth helmet too. For one, it is very nicely ventilated all the way around it. Also built into it is a very protective dual ridge crown on the outside and it has protective ear coverings too. Although no helmet can guarantee 100% head protection for your child we think this one comes close.ProsQuick release chin strapHighly adjustableComfortable foam paddingConsA little priceyOnly for youth playersA little heavy Bauer 4500 Helmet Combo II This is a very good teen and adult hockey helmet from Bauer. It can even stand up to the rigors of highly competitive ice hockey leagues. It is really designed to keep your head safe from injury during normal contact that sometimes results when playing hockey.What do we think makes it such a good teen or adult helmet buy? For one we loved how adjustable this helmet is. If it is snug to slightly loose when you buy it, you will be able to fine-tune its fit very easily. It also gives you complete protection above your neck since it comes with a full face cage and translucent ear covers.It offers those that wear it the comfort and protection of thick density foam and it is a stylish helmet that will look good with any uniform too. To top it all off this helmet can be bought or ordered in a variety of different colors. This helmet may cost you a little extra to buy but it is definitely worth it.ProsComes in several different colorsHighly adjustableComfortable foam paddingConsA little priceyOnly for teen or adult playersA little heavy Bauer Youth LIL SPORT Helmet Combo If your child looks to be the next budding superstar in the world of hockey and is just getting started on that journey, then you certainly will want to take a closer look at this youth helmet. It is specifically designed for players under eight years of age and offers them a full range of protection. All of us here would not hesitate to let any of our small children play in this helmet.It was a little small for us to try on ourselves but the quality of this helmet was very easy to see. It uses the same special foam lining that their advanced helmets for adult competitive league play use. It even has very similar ridge shaping to the more comfortable Bauer helmets we tried on too.We also very much liked the combination of the full cage face mask that comes with this model helmet too. Most of us here are not big fans of clear plastic face masks for younger aged children. This helmet is available in a few different colors and even comes in one model with pink trim that youth girls will love.ProsComes in several different colorsHighly adjustableComfortable foam paddingConssomewhat priceyOnly for youth playersCan be a little heavy CCM FitLite 60 Hockey Helmet Combo Here is yet another good combination helmet and face cage on our list. This one comes from the reputable hockey equipment manufacturer CCM. It is a model that boasts being stellar in both protection and in comfort while wearing it. It is geared toward youth and young teen players and it’s very affordable for all that it gives you.The beauty of this helmet starts with the fit. It uses a very soft but sturdy foam insert. It is also fully adjustable without the need to use tools; that means you can even make adjustments for your young hockey player during breaks in a game or practice. CCM claims this helmet is aerodynamic and we have no reason to doubt that based on its design. CCM has done a very nice job venting this helmet too.This fine youth helmet package also includes the full cage over the face and all the strapping to hold it in place securely.ProsComes in different colorsAdjustable without toolsComfortable foam paddingConsA little priceyOnly for youth or young teen playersA little heavy for very small kids Warrior Krown 360 Hockey Helmet Finally, we get back to some helmets for adults and this is a very good looking one from Bauer. This was a very interesting design from a relative newcomer in the hockey helmet manufacturing business. When taking a look at it there was not a lot that stood out about it, yet there was not a lot that detracted from it either when trying it out.But there was one thing we could not overlook based on some information we received on this helmet; in a recent Virginia Tech study it was rated excellent at preventing concussions. That fact alone warrants this helmet being on our list of the best ones in the hockey equipment marketplace.It also has a very innovative low profile design and uses high tech EPP foam like many other brands. Another unique characteristic of this helmet is Warrior Krown has chosen to use a 4 piece outer shell. It is a nice design if it will fit your budget.ProsHighly rated in concussion testsVery lightweightComfortable foam paddingConsVery priceyBasic lookingA little bulky feeling Bauer Nike Hockey 7500 Hockey Helmet Here is another fine teen and adult hockey helmet from Bauer. Not only will it protect any teen or adult hockey player but they will look and feel good while wearing it too. Bauer is very innovative with their helmet designs and that is why so many high level and professional players choose to wear Bauer helmets.There is a lot to like about this helmet and it all starts with how lightweight it is and how comfortable it feels when wearing it. We noticed you want to get the fit just right or it may seem a little bulky; but once you adjust it then its fine. The padding in it will do a great job of protecting you and it also helps make this helmet very comfortable to wear.This helmet has a good price point considering how high quality it is and it even comes in a wide assortment of colors that will go well with just about any uniform color they are paired with.ProsComes in different colorsVery lightweightComfortable foam paddingConsA little priceyDurability issues with the foam glueA little bulky feeling Bauer 2100 Combo Helmet Here is another satisfying hockey helmet product from Bauer. This one is designed not to be used at the highest levels of competitive hockey but is great for youth and young teen players in most instances. Bauer did a nice job on this affordable design and it even comes in a few different color choices.This is another combination helmet and full cage combo. It is a combo that we absolutely love for youth and teen players to keep them safe while playing hockey. Erring on the safe side is always the best way to go when buying hockey equipment. We feel a full face cage is the only way for non-professional players to be playing the game and this Bauer helmet combo has got that nicely covered.The design of this model features a dual ridge crown and soft EPP foam padding for comfort. Both the helmet and the face cage strap down tight in several key areas. It is also a very stylish helmet. There simply is a lot to like about this helmet combo package at the price it sells for.ProsSlightly adjustableIntegrated ear protectionComfortable foam paddingConsCan run a little snugNot for adult competitive leaguesA little bulky feeling Easton E200 Youth Hockey Helmet Combo BLACK Easton makes another appearance on our list with this stylish and very affordable youth model helmet. You simply cannot beat the price of this helmet and face cage combo. You can be confident your youth hockey player is well protected when wearing this model helmet.It offers superior protection not only because it has a full face cage included in the package but because it features shock absorbing foam and reinforced plastic in the critical impact areas of the helmet.We really liked just about everything with this model as long as it is not used for anything but youth hockey. Another good job here by Bauer; we have no problem recommending this helmet for wear by any youth hockey player as it provides adequate protection to meet youth hockey safety standards.ProsVery affordableHighly adjustableComfortable foam paddingConsRun somewhat smallOnly for youth playersCan be a little heavy Bauer IMS 9.0 Hockey Helmet Here is a fine hockey helmet if you are playing the sport at a high level of competition. This Bauer model provides superior head protection as you play the game of hockey. We loved the comfort of it when we tried it on and you can hit it with a stick and you barely feel it.There is a lot to like about this sturdy helmet. It has a great design as far as comfort goes for one; it features comfortable EPP foam throughout its interior and it also straps down easily.This model is available in a wide variety of colors and it will give you much peace of mind that your head is very well protected when you are skating around playing the game of hockey.ProsComes in different colorsVery lightweightComfortable foam paddingConsA little priceyOften needs several adjustments to fit rightA little bulky feelingConclusion & RecommendationsWhenever you or your child is playing a sport the head is such a critical area to protect and it’s no exception when it comes to playing hockey. Be patient shopping and get the right helmet for you or your youth player. All the helmets on our list are good buys but we especially like two of them; the Easton E700 Helmet for teen to adult players and for youth skaters we really liked the Bauer Prodigy youth hockey helmet combo.Even if you do not like any of the helmets on the list, then at least follow the advice in our buying guide. If you do that then you will stand a good chance of finding a helmet that is a perfect fit for you and your youth player and prevents concussions.The post 10 Best Hockey Helmets 2019 : Adult & Youth appeared first on Sport Consumer.

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