The 9 Best Hiking & Trekking Poles for 2019

Trekking poles have definitely become a huge fixture to hiking equipment and not so long ago, it was rare to find someone hiking with them, now no one, especially overnight hiker go on hiking trips without them.Trekking poles are designed to help you up and down those steep hills and they also reduce the amount of fatigue on your body significantly. Trekking poles have been designed to improve your balance and research has shown that they could reduce the impact force on your knees by as much as 40%.But before we look at the top trekking poles, let’s look at a few features that are usually associated with the best trekking poles and how they will improve your hiking experience.Top Trekking Poles Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles $$$Check Price on Amazon2. BAFX Products Anti-Shock Hiking / Walking / Trekking Trail Poles $$Check Price on Amazon3. Mountaintop Trekking Poles $Check Price on Amazon4. Trekking Poles by Vive $$Check Price on Amazon5. Pioneer Collapsible 2 Pack Aluminum Quick Lock Anti-Shock Hiking / Walking Sticks $Check Price on Amazon6. Cascade Mountain Tech 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Quick Lock $$Check Price on Amazon7. Foxelli Trekking Poles $$$Check Price on Amazon8. Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles $$$$Check Price on Amazon9. High Trek™ Trekking Poles $$Check Price on AmazonTop Features to Look ForTrekking poles might seem very simple on the surface, but they are actually very intricate. The top trekking poles are designed to make life easier for even the heaviest of hiker and to be this strong and durable; there are multiple features that go into it. The features we have selected for our buying guide is the exact sam features that we have chosen to use as our criterion when selecting the top trekking poles. Here are the most essential features that you should be looking for:Pole adjustment mechanismThe pole adjustment mechanism is really important in allowing you to adjust the height and the speed at which that adjustment can occur. The lever lock mechanism will outlast the twist lock mechanism, but the twist lock does give you more flexibility. You will be able to adjust the pole much faster when reaching dusty trails and on a steep mountain.Poles designthere are three different trekking pole designs. Each design offers its very own set of advantages and disadvantages to the user, but they also vary in price:Three section designThe three section design is much more compact and it also makes the poles much easier to carry along. All three sections can easily strap to your backpack as wellTwo section designThe two section design is great for people who put a lot of strain on the trekking pole. The two section design is also much stiffer and it offers much more resistant to downward pressureTent style trekking poleThis trekking pole is much newer as the above-mentioned types, but it isn’t nearly as durable. The tent style trekking pole can be folded and placed inside of you backpack to make the carrying process easierMaterialsThe materials used in the design directly related to the durability of the pole. Carbon is most commonly chosen, but it is much more expensive and it is extremely durable compared to other materials.WeightThe weight of the trekking poles must be accounted for. A lightweight trekking pole is great for hiking longer distances, but unless your pole is made from carbon, it might be less durable.GripSince you will be holding the poles, you will also want to look for something that gives you some decent grip. The trekking pole will not be of any use if it constantly slips out of your hands when you are hiking. We also suggest that you do try and look for a pole the will help evacuate moisture easily.DurabilityLast we have the durability feature and after you have chosen the design and know the types of materials that have been used; you should have a better idea of the overall durability. The top trekking poles might seem expensive, but you will be saving a lot of money in the long term when you do not have to buy a new one.As you might have noticed, we have left the price out of the features list as we believe that having a powerful and durable trekking pole might be expensive, but you will be able to hike much longer and the fatigue will be reduced significantly, thus giving you great value.Advantages of using a trekking poleThe trekking pole can be used in almost every walk of life and many people simply refer to the trekking pole as a walking stick. The trekking pole offers you a few advantages that you will not have when you are without it and these advantages will certainly make life a little easier and also will allow you to potentially reach those farther distances. Here are a few of the main advantages that you will have when you do invest in a trekking pole.Less FatigueOne thing that generally stops us from enjoying a hiking session is fatigue and when fatigue sets in, many people simply just want to sit down and rest. When you have nothing to lean on when are scaling up those hills, you will tire out much faster, but with a trekking pole, you will be able to reduce the amount of fatigue and get up those hills much faster.Reduces the shock on the jointsIf you like hiking and walking a lot, you will find that your knees and the other areas of your body will become sore. This is a result of the joints not being strong enough and this could lead to you having more pain. Since you will be balancing your weight with the walking stick, you will also be reducing the amount of strain that you generally put on those joints and this will help you push on even more.Will help you improve fitnessAll of these benefits will work together to help you get greater distance when you are walking. This will also improve your cardiovascular endurance and you will be able to walk much farther the next time. The overall fitness level will eventually also increase and this will be great for your overall health.These benefits will really make a difference when you are hiking or even backpacking. Since the trekking pole is lightweight, it will not be too heavy to carry along and you will be able to get all of these benefits. Overall these poles are not too expensive when compared to many other pieces of outdoor equipment, but they will make a huge difference. Top Hiking Pole Reviews Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking PolesThe Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber trekking poles are some of the top poles that you choose for your hiking adventure. These poles are designed from 100% carbon fiber and they only weigh around 7 ounces. These trekking poles are basically shock resistant and since carbon fiber is so great when it comes to reducing shock, your knees and the other joints will greatly enjoy them.These poles also feature a quick flip lock and this can be used to adjust the poles from the full 54 inches to a mere 24 inches in seconds. If the poles are not being used, they will collapse much smaller and you will be able to carry them inside your backpack with ease. They can also fit into the average sized suitcase if you are using them in place of a walking stick.One of the great things about these poles is the comfort provided by the softness of the EVA foam grip. This grip will let your hand sink in and it has also been treated with moisture wicking properties to ensure that sweat does not ruin your hiking session. You will basically get two poles when you invest in this set and this will be great for helping you get bovver those stubborn hills.The poles are a little expensive, but since they have been primarily designed from carbon fiber, you should expect to pay a little extra for better quality. The poles also include a 1-year manufacturer warranty and this warranty will ensure that you can go out and test them with the backing of the manufacturer to cover you.Pros:Extremely durableLightweightEasy to collapseVery comfortable gripCons:Quite expensive  BAFX Products Anti-Shock Hiking / Walking / Trekking Trail PolesThe BAFX Products anti-shock hiking/walking/ trekking trail poles are some of the more commonly used trekking poles and many people love this set. The poles have been constructed from durable aluminum OR carbon fiber, but they still managed to keep the weight down to ensure that you do not have to carry too much with you.  Each pole weighs around 12.4 oz.These poles can easily be extended from 25.5” up to 52” if you are going down a steep slope. The neoprene grips are also really comfortable, but when used a lot, these grips do eventually start to wear. Luckily, they have included 2 pairs of these trekking poles and you should be able to use them for a few years.The compass that was usually in the handle has also been eliminated and this compass usually gave a few problems. This ensures the poles are now much more functional and can easily be used for everyday activities. The poles also include a mud basket toe end and this will be great when you are walking in mud or snow to keep you in control.The prices on these poles are also really cheap and affordable. You will receive a 1-year manufacturer warranty that will ensure that you can easily test it without fearing that you might have lost some money. We highly recommend this pair for beginners and it can be used almost anywhere you can imagine.Pros:Great durabilityEasy to collapse and extendIncludes 2 gripsReally inexpensiveCons:Might be a little heavy for some  Mountaintop Trekking PolesThe Mountaintop Trekking Poles will be another cheap alternative that you could potentially look into. These poles are a little heavier, but they have also been designed with durable aluminum. The poles are also some of the longest trekking poles that you could buy and the feature a two-section design.The poles also feature EVA foam in the grip and while neoprene is also good, neoprene does not wick away the moisture as efficiently and you might be replacing your grips more often. These Eva foam grips will let your hands mold into the grip and you will have maximum control over the entire stick. An adjustable strap has also been included close to the grips and this will keep you bound to your poles. Should you drop one, you not have to go all the way down to fetch it.The only downside we have found is that you will not be able to place a lot of weight on these poles if you are a heavy person. The poles will sometimes get stuck into the ground and this will certainly not be ideal if you want to keep moving at a rapid pace. These poles will be the ideal poles for the female hikers.We highly recommend this pair of trekking poles for the decent durability and versatility. The poles are also not that expensive and they will be ideal for beginners and those who have never used trekking poles before. Unfortunately, aluminum does not absorb shock quite as much as carbon fiber does.Pros:Decent durabilityEasy to collapse and extendVery lightweightReally cheapCons:Not for heavy-duty users  Trekking Poles by ViveThe trekking poles by Vive are some of the newer trekking poles on the market and they have also been durably constructed for you to put as much weight and strain on them as possible. These trekking poles are also very lightweight and they only weigh in at around 7 ounces, which means that you can easily carry them with you on your backpacking journey.One of the main selling points of these trekking poles is the fact that you will have all-terrain attachments. This means that you will be ready to walk on nearly any environment and if you do choose to go walking on snow or mud, your poles will not be sinking into the ground. The poles can easily be adjusted and they will extend to 57.5 inches, which will be enough for the average-sized human being.The poles also include a great nonslip grip, but the grips do not wick away moisture as efficiently as you might want them to. You will have straps that can be adjusted and these straps can be placed around the wrists to ensure that you do not have to about the trekking pole slipping out of your hands and rolling down the hill.In terms of pricing, these poles are actually quite affordable and they will hold the heaviest of users. You will also have a lifetime warranty and this does show immense confidence from the manufacturer to ensure that you can test them out as much as you need or like to.Pros:Great durabilityEasy to adjustDecent grippingVery lightweightReasonably pricedCons:Grips do not wick away moisture efficiently  Pioneer Collapsible 2 Pack Aluminum Quick Lock Anti-Shock Hiking / Walking SticksThe Pioneer Collapsible 2 pack Aluminum Quick lock and shock hiking poles are also designed for those new to the world of hiking. These poles are constructed from durable aluminum and even though they are still quite heavy, they will be durable enough to be used by anyone of any weight or built.The poles are also easy to adjust since they feature a 2 piece design and they will allow you to adjust from 25.5 inches all the way to 53 inches when needed. These also include shock resistant mechanisms and these mechanisms will help to reduce the strain on your joints and also take a few of the knocks in the place of your legs.One of the main selling points of this stick is the different foot pieces you will receive and these foot pieces are ideal for almost any terrain. No longer will you be sinking into the soft ground or slipping on those hard surfaces. We also like the nice bag that you will get and this bag will make the carrying process so much easier and allow you to strap the entire bag to your backpack to save some space.We highly recommend this pole set to anyone interest in hiking or backpacking. They might be heavy, but they are exceptionally durable and they will offer you much use. The poles are actually really affordable and they will be great for the beginner and even for those who have never gone hiking before.Pros:Great durabilityEasy to adjustAll-terrain foot pieces includedDecent carrier bag includedCons:Might be a little too heavy  Cascade Mountain Tech 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Quick LockThe Cascade Mountain Tech carbon fiber trekking poles are once again made from 100% carbon fiber and they are some of the strongest, but still very lightweight trekking poles currently available on the market today. These poles weight in at about 7.8 ounces and this will be very efficient for you to you use on your longer hiking journeys and also for backpacking.These poles also feature a 2 section design and they can easily be extended to about 54.5 inches. They can also be collapsed back to 26 inches and this should be ideal for those climbing up mountains and then having to scale down some of those steeper slopes. The quick lock feature will allow you to do this swiftly and you will be able to easily lock the trekking pole into the right length.The grip is also really impressive and you will be able to choose between the cork and the EVA gripping that has been included. Both of these grips are extremely comfortable and they have great moisture wicking properties that will evacuate moisture and ensure that your hands never slip. The adjustable strapping will also keep the trekking pole bound to you.This pair of trekking poles is quite expensive and you will really need to be willing to pay that extra amount of cash for the carbon fiber materials. We highly recommend these trekking poles for the more advanced hikers and backpackers who love to do this on a regular basis.Pros:Great durabilityReally lightweightEasy to adjustIncludes a great gripping choiceCons:Quite expensive  Foxelli Trekking PolesFoxelli trekking poles are designed to last and they are designed with quality in mind. These poles are really lightweight and they have been designed from 100% carbon fiber. The poles are extremely durable and they also only weigh in at around 7 ounces. This will be light enough for you to carry them along and it will also be strong enough to hold the weight of anyone using them.The trekking poles feature 2 piece design and they can be extended to 55 inches or they can be collapsed back down to only 24 inches of you are scaling those hills and then going down the slopes. The grip included in these poles is really good and you will be able to keep your hands bound. The grip will easily evacuate the moisture and this will include the sweat.The poles pride themselves on the fact that they come with almost every foot piece that you could possible need to be on any terrain. These foot pieces have all been included in the package and this means that you will be saving some money. A nice carry bag is also included and this will make carrying these poles along much easier and also save you some space.We highly recommend these poles, but because of the carbon fiber construction, they are also quite expensive. You will also receive a 120-day no questions asked return warranty if you are not happy with them and this could give you some time to try them out. These poles will be ideal for the avid hiker and backpacker.Pros:Extremely durableVery lightweightDecent warrantyEasy to adjustCons:Very expensive  Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking PolesThe Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking poles are also designed from carbon fiber and they are some of the most durable trekking poles on the market. These trekking poles are also extremely lightweight and since they can break into three different pieces, they will be much easier to store and put away.These poles are ideal for those heavier hikers and backpackers and the shock absorption technology will reduce the amount of strain and pain that is put on the knees and the ankles. The 360-degree padded web strap is also one of the most comfortable straps that you could have and it does not hurt in any way.The grips on these trekking poles are also interchangeable and they are actually really expensive. We would have liked to see a decent carrier bag or some more additional foot pieces, but these must all be bought separately if you plan on going to weird terrains. We would highly recommend these trekking poles for the value and for the immense durability they provide.Pros:Great durability and very lightweightOne of the best grips you can findIncludes minimal foot piecesDecent grippingCons:Very expensiveNo carrier bag for the immense price  High Trek™ Trekking PolesLast but certainly not least, we have the High Trek™ Trekking Poles. These trekking poles are also designed from top grade aluminum and they will certainly make life much easier for you when you are walking. The aluminum is extremely durable, but unfortunately, it is also quite heavy and you will need to learn to use them if you are using lighter ones now.These poles feature a flip lock adjustment system and this system will allow you to extend the poles to 53 inches, but you will also be able to bring them back down to 25 inches when you are going down those slippery slopes. The poles include EVA grips and these grips should be ideal for those looking to keep a good grip on the poles, but if they should slip, you will also have some wrist straps that you can use to ensure that you do not lose the poles.Multiple foot pieces have also been included with these poles and this will certainly make the poles great for almost any terrain. The poles are ideal to use in the mud or in the snow and they will ensure that you do not easily sink into the softer surface that you will be walking on.These poles are quite average in price, but for aluminum poles, we think they might be a little bit overpriced. The main thing of these poles is the durability and the all-terrain capabilities, but you will also have a good 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that will ensure that you can test them out without worrying about breaking them.Pros:Good durabilityGood for people of all sizesGreat EVA grips includedAll-terrain designCons: Heavy  Final Thoughts & Conclusion We would like to thank you for reading this article and we certainly do hope that you have found the ideal trekking poles that meet your needs. These trekking poles have been selected as they fulfill most of the characteristics that you would expect in the top trekking poles. In terms of the best, we would like to recommend the Foxelli Trekking Poles along with high quality hiking boots. These trekking poles are quite expensive, but they are definitely worth the money oif you are an avid and enthusiastic hiker and backpacker.There are many more trekking poles available on the market today, but these are what we think are the absolute best. Please share your thoughts on our selection and let us know if you think we might have missed any of your favorites. We will always be happy to do some more research and provide you with some more of the best trekking poles that you like on the market today. The post The 9 Best Hiking & Trekking Poles for 2019 appeared first on Sport Consumer.

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