The 9 Best Speed & Jump Ropes for 2019 : Cardio & Fitness

You probably haven’t thought much about jump ropes since the elementary school playground, but they’re becoming pretty popular in the athletic world. While boxers have been using jump ropes to improve speed and agility for a long time, recently people have been using jump ropes as a form of exercise. And why not? In addition to helping with agility and speed, jump roping is a great way to fit in your cardio, burn a lot of calories, and increase bone density.Top Jump Ropes Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Epitomie PowerSkip Weighted Jump Rope $$Check Price on Amazon2. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope $$$Check Price on Amazon3. Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope $$$$Check Price on Amazon4. Synergee Speed Jump Rope $$Check Price on Amazon5. FitSkuad Jump Rope $$Check Price on Amazon6. Fnova Adjustable Crossfit Jump Rope Kit Bundle $$Check Price on Amazon7. Ballistyx Jump Rope With Adjustable Speed Cable $$$Check Price on Amazon8. Segmented Jump Rope $$Check Price on Amazon9. Crossrope Premium Set $$$$Check Price on Amazon Speed & Jump Rope Buying GuideThere’s a good chance you haven’t bought a jump rope in a while. If that’s the case, you’ll be shocked at how much things have changed. You might think that buying one is pretty simple because, after all, it’s just a jump rope. But these aren’t the same kind that you used when you were a kid. Before getting to the top nine jump ropes or speed ropes of 2017, let’s consider a few things we need to look for when we buy one.Jump vs. Speed RopeJump rope vs speed rope – Truth be told, there’s not that many differences between a jump rope and a speed rope. A speed rope is a jump rope that designed to be fast. They have a lot of different characteristics. There are special handles, various materials, and ways of attaching the rope that affect how fast it can turn and, therefore, how fast you can go.Do you need a jump rope or a speed rope? Well, the answer to that depends on how you want to use it. If you are just starting out jumping or if it’s been a long time, it’s not a bad idea to start with a regular jump rope. That way, you can learn the basics of jumping and timing before you invest in a faster, sportier speed rope. Another thing about a regular rope is that it’s the best kind to use for children. Speed ropes tend to turn very quickly and might not be suitable for someone just starting out..HandlesThe cord or rope should come out of the handle at about a 90-degree angle to make sure it can spin freely. Some handles have ball bearing attachments where the rope is connected to minimize friction and spin as efficiently as possible. Handles come in different sizes, material, and weights. Lighter handles are great for making sure your hands and wrists don’t get fatigued but some people like a heavier one because they feel like they’re more in control. One thing a good handle must have is a comfortable grip. Some people like foam, some plastic. Choose whatever works best for you.MaterialThere are a handful of different materials that jump ropes and speed ropes come in.ClothThis is the most basic and least expensive material. They’re usually braided cotton with either a handle or just a knot tied in the ends to grab onto. This is a good rope for beginners – people learning how to swing the rope and time the jumps. But once you get a little bit of experience, it will be time to move on to a rope that’s a little higher quality and will push you to go a little faster.BeadedDifferent color beads are strung on a thin cord of nylon which makes a unique noise when it’s swung and scrapes the ground. These are also a really economical choice but aren’t really meant for intense exercise. They’re clumsy to swing and won’t turn very fast. Beaded ropes are typically used in schools because they’re inexpensive and last a little longer than the cloth ones as the beads protect them from general wear and tear.Weighted Jump RopeThese use weighted handles and a rope that is typically made of PVC or leather. The theory is that the additional weight in the handles will work the upper body a little more during jumps. There are arguments for and against this. It can add an upper body workout to your jumping, but jumping is a great cardio workout and the weighted handles can diminish that. If you’re looking to improve you speed and agility and not your upper body, choose handles that are not weighted. Some ropes take this to the next level and really up the weight, which make it more of a full body weight training exercise than cardio.CablesSteel or other metal cables are a popular material for jump ropes. Typically, when a jump rope is constructed of metal cables, it’s covered with PVC. Wires can be made in different thicknesses, which affects the weight of the jump rope and, to some degree, the weight of the jumper because it could alter the intensity of the workout.LeatherLeather is usually the choice for professional boxers who practice jumping rope to help their agility and speed in the ring. Leather ropes turn much faster than cotton or beaded rope and are much more appropriate for a workout.Licorice PVCThis option is relatively inexpensive. Made out of a thick PVD rope with simple plastic handles, it’s a great rope for someone who’s getting into jumping rope for a good cardio workout and improving agility and strength. .LengthSome ropes come in a fixed length, others will be cut to length, and others will be adjusted for each user with screw tension in the handles to change the length. To figure out what is your best length, hold a handle in each hand and let the rope fall to the floor. Then, stand on the rope and lift the ends of it as high as you can. If the handles reach your shoulders, the rope is a good length for you. Any shorter than that and you might have trouble when jumping. If you’re going to be sharing your rope, you should consider one that is fully adjustable and can be changed easily with every user. Once you cut the rope, you can’t really adjust it to someone else’s height. But if you use the screw tightening method of changing the size, you can make it fit each individual user.Best Jump Rope ReviewsThink about these things when reading about the nine best jump ropes and speed ropes of 2017 to help you decide which is right for you. Epitomie PowerSkip Jump Rope with Memory Foam Handles and Weighted Speed CableThe Epitomie boasts a tangle-free experience – 100% of the time!  A tall order, but an excellent quality if it’s true.  The polymer coated speed cable is attached to a set of bearings that allow smooth and fast rotations which is always good with a rope you’ll be using for fitness.  It’s adjustable in lots of ways including cable length, so pretty much anyone and everyone in your family or fitness group can use it easily.  It has a weighted cable which works with exercisers between 5’0″ and 6’8″.  That pretty much covers every adult I’ve ever met in my life!  Custom memory foam coats the handles for a comfortable grip.  You also receive a training video which normally sells at $15.97, and includes routines for all skill levels.The return policy and warranty are excellent.  This is a decent buy for the price.  Pros:PriceMemory Foam HandlesIncluded instruction videoCustomizable lengthWear resistantComes in 10 different color combinationsCons? Wod Nation Speed Jump Rope This affordable jump rope was designed with real athletes in mind. It’s customizable, just clip it with a wire cutter when it arrives and you’re on your way. It has plastic handles with metal ball bearing to help the rope achieve a fast and stable spin. It’s extremely lightweight and easy to travel with. The stability of this rope helps you recover from any inaccurate swings quickly and without ruining your routine. It’s very durable and they also offer a lifetime guarantee. They include a free carrying bag and you get an extra cable. There’s nine colors to choose from so you can really make it your own.Some users don’t think the rope is fast enough for them and there have been complaints about quality. But with the replacement cable and the guarantee, you should still be very happy with this purchase.Pros:PriceBall bearingsAdjustableStableLifetime guaranteeExtra cableCons:Handles a little flimsyEasily bends out of shapeHave to cut cable to really get it sized correctlyMight not be fast enough Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump RopeThe Sonic Boom is at the upper price range of our rope reviews, but for the price overall, we think it’s worth it.  Why?  Okay, you asked for it!  For starters, the premium grade 360-degree ball bearings in the handles, combined with anti-slip grips are just the beginning!  A free carrying case and online training course ($16 value) are just nice little window dressings.  This system also boasts the FIRST patented self-locking, screw-free jump rope on the market!  That’s kind of a big deal.  The included two adjustable, ten-foot polymer-coated speed-cables allow for adjustments of any kind any time for anyone – with maximum versatility.  Here’s a fun warranty;  The Sonic Boom M2 comes with a Lifetime Warranty and satisfaction guarantee which means you’re protected against broken parts and changes of hearts!  Get it?  🙂Pros:First Self-Locking and Screw Free rope on the marketComfortable handlesAdjustableCons:It’s the highest priced single rope we have (well, it’s actually a bit of a tie with the Crossrope Set), but it’s still not astronomical Synergee Speed Jump RopeThe Synergee is unique offering in our bunch of ropes!  It happens to be Amazon’s top choice of workout jump ropes and perhaps for good reason – but why?  Here’s why we think;  These ropes are designed for serious competition and high-intensity workouts.  They’re not playground toys!  You’ll notice I said “ropes” as in “plural”, “more than one”, etc.  That’s because each rope comes with, well, another rope!  You get TWO 10′ ropes in a variety of color combinations, 1 pair of handles, 6 end caps, 6 stoppers, 2 rope twist ties, and a carrying bag.  the ropes are 2mm thick.Of course they have a great warranty and will return your money anytime if there’s a product defect.Pros:Adjustable 10 foot cableGenerous handlesFast and precisePriceCons:No directions FitSkuad Jump RopeFiSkuad has a winner in this rope.  It’s less than half the price of other comparable ropes, but you wouldn’t know it by the quality you’re getting.  The rope is as good as any other fitness speed rope for pro or amateur boxers, cross-trainers, beginners or advanced users.  It has extra large screws that are really easy to adjust and it comes with a 10-foot cable.  Durable, aluminum handles come with foam grips for comfort and the degree of adjustability makes this a good choice for both adults and kids.  The super-thin cable travels quickly as it cuts through the air with minimal resistance, and this is enhanced by the double ball-bearing system in the 6-inch handles.  The 1-year warranty adds a measure of buying comfort.Oh, and one bit of trivia that relates to all ropes;  10 minutes of jumping equals 30 or minutes of jogging (depending on the intensity of the jog)!Pros:Long lengthEasily adjustable thumb screwsSmall handlesGood for tall peopleConsThin cable FNOVA JUMP ROPEThis rope comes with a few options. You’ll get a thick (2.5mm) cable and a thin (5 mm) cable to choose from, which will add durability and help make this rope perfect for your needs. The cables are made of an aluminum alloy and can help adjust the weight for each user. The handles are extra long at six inches but are made of very light aluminium so shouldn’t affect control too much. They have comfortable foam grips covering the aluminium to help keep your hands comfortable. The cable itself is made braided steel wire and covered in PVC to keep it smooth and tough. This rope also comes with a 10 foot cable that you cut to adjust. This rope has a unique double ball bearing system which provide high RPMs plus promises no twisting or tangles.Pros:Thin and thick cable optionPriceDouble ball bearingReplacement hardware includedCons:Thicker cables are difficult to cut to size BALLISTYX JUMP ROPE Inside the handles, there’s a multi ball bearing system to help keep this one moving fast. The cable is covered in PVC and the whole thing is exceptionally lightweight so you can jump for a long time without your hands and wrists tiring. It will never kink or tangle. The cable is 10 foot long and suits heights of up to 6’ 6” without a problem. This rope is unique in it’s length adjustment – it doesn’t use screws. The handles are ergonomically designed and give the perfect grip for long workout sessions. If you’re not happy, they offer a money back guarantee.Pros:Money back guaranteePriceGood for tall peopleCons:No screw length adjustment needs some improvement SEGMENTED JUMP ROPE This is a really basic, really affordable option and the only beaded jump rope on this list. Adjusting the length of this rope is really easy – just untie it from the handle, take off a few beads until you get to the desired length, then tie it back up. This rope is only eight feet long so it probably won’t be long enough for really tall people. The beads are one inch plastic segments that add a little extra weight to the rope. This is not a speed rope and won’t be used in the same way as some of the other entries on this list, but it’s one of the only one’s that is suitable for children. The beads are fairly sturdy and will hold up to using the rope on a hard surface. This is a great rope for kids to play with or for someone new to jumping to use to learn the basics.Pros:InexpensiveEasily adjustableCons:Italian foodHeavy CROSSROPE PREMIUM SET This entry on the list makes quite a jump in price and features, but it’s something that a serious jumper might want to consider. The Crossrope Premium Set comes with everything you need for a complete workout. You’ll get four weighted jump ropes, two adjustable speed jump ropes, interchangeable bolt handles, and more.The weighted ropes are quite heavy, ranging from the agility rope being ¼ lb to the Fury rope at 2 lb. The ropes are put in the handles and can be used indoors or outside thanks to the exceptional durability. If you want a real workout, use the Fury rope. Want to work on your agility and speed? The smaller ropes are the better choice. But this is a great way to get it all in one place.Pros:CostComplete setGet a lot of varietyCons:Price Conclusion & RecommendationsThere you have the top nine jump ropes and speed ropes of 2017. Please remember, what jump rope is right for you is a matter of personal preference that will depend on what kind of a workout you want to do. The options presented here include everything from fast, speed ropes for an intense cardio workout, a beaded rope that is best for playing with the kids, and a kit that gives you a little bit of everything.Gowiss Jump Rope is a great rope for someone who’s looking for a rope to use long term,. It lasts a long time and comes with spare parts so you can fix any small issue. For a stable, durable rope with a lifetime guarantee, try the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope.For the novice or someone who isn’t quite ready to move up to some of the more intense ropes yet, try the Speed Jump Rope by Fitsportz. The Segmented Jump Rope is a simple beaded rope that won’t get you the speed you need to really call using it a “work out” but it’s great for kids and can get the job done if need be.If you’re a fan of small handles and they help you perform, try the Exous Bodygear Ultra Fast Spinning Cross Fit Adjustable Speed Jump Rope. The Blafitance Speed Jump Rope is great for someone who wants a thin, fast, high performing rope.The Fnova Jump Ropes offers a little variety with two cables of varying thickness to have a little control over the weight of the rope and the difficulty of the workout.The Ballistyx Jump Rope has a multiple ball bearing system and a money back guarantee, so if you’re a beginner and you’re not sure you want to jump into the sport, you can return it.If you are super serious about jumping and want to use it not just as a cardio workout, check out the variety you get in the Crossrope Premium Set. You’ll get light ropes to work on agility and speed and heavy ropes to work on gaining muscle.Whatever you choose, jumping rope is a great way to get in your cardio. It’s not just for kids on the playground anymore.The post The 9 Best Speed & Jump Ropes for 2019 : Cardio & Fitness appeared first on Sport Consumer.

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