The 7 Best Speed Bag Platforms for 2019: Pro & Casual Options

One of the things that we have seen many people skimp on is the platform for their expensive speed bag and this can actually be a mistake as it will definitely have an impact on the way your speed bag training goes. The best speed bag platform has been designed to allow your speed bag the opportunity to recoil perfectly and this will help to improve your accuracy as well as your coordination.If your speed bag platform is not sturdy, you might find that the bag does not come back as evenly as it should and the platform might even start to rattle. This rattling feeling can be extremely irritating and will also damage the mounting of the platform, thus meaning that after a while you might find that the platform simply breaks out of the wall when you are training.Luckily, we have set out to find the best speed bag platform and show you just how much these platforms could potentially increase the longevity of not only your speed bag but also the swivel and also significantly improve your coordination training in general.But before we dive into the best speed bag platforms, there are a few things that you will need to know when you decide on the ideal platform as not all of the platforms are the same. It is also worth noting that the platform you buy should be a lifelong investment and you might change the swivel and the bag as you get better, but the platform should hold up for a lifetime.Compare: Speed Bag PlatformsPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform $$Check Price on Amazon2. XMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform $$$Check Price on Amazon3. XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform XM-2811 $$$$Check Price on Amazon4. Valor Fitness CA-53 Speed Bag Platform $$$Check Price on Amazon5. TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform$$$$Check Price on Amazon6. Balazs Twelve Inch Adjustable Speed Bag Platform $$$$$Check Price on Amazon7. Best Choice Products Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Trainer $Check Price on AmazonKey Features to ConsiderSince the speed bag platform is a lifelong investment, they will obviously be expensive to purchase and many people choose to buy an expensive bag and then go cheaper on the platform. We recommend that you buy the platform first and then save up for a better speed bag to ensure that you get a platform capable of lasting you a lifetime. Here are some of the most important features that you should consider:Mounting CapabilitiesSince not all of the platforms are the same, you will need to ensure that your platform can be mounted and that you have enough space when it comes to performing this process. The better you are able to mount the platform, the more it will last against some of those faster and harder training sessions.SturdinessThe sturdiness of the speed bag platform also goes hand in hand with the mounting and the better it has been mounted, the sturdier the platform will be. Nothing can be as irritating as having a platform that constantly rattles all over the place and this could also have a huge impact on your training session.Swivel HolesMost of the top speed bag platforms already have pre-drilled holes for your swivel to be attached, but if you plan on building your own or purchasing some of the cheaper versions, you will need to make sure that you can mount the swivel for your speed bag.WeightThe weight of the platform is fundamentally important and also relates to the mounting of the platform. You should ensure that your wall or roof does have the capabilities of holding up with a heavier platform. The heavier the platform, the less it will rattle and move while you train.AdjustabilityAdjustable speed bag platforms are extremely convenient for once you need to train at higher levels and for varying your punching angles. The more a platform is capable of adjusting, the more you will be able to train certain parts of the hands and also various angles without having to remount the entire platform.Price RangeAs we have already mentioned, the cheaper platforms are not always the best, but if you plan on casually using the speed bag, a cheaper platform might be ideal. Your price range will dictate the features that you get on your platform and we recommend looking for the best value for your money.These six things are what we consider to be the most important when it comes to purchasing a speed bag platform. Once you understand what you are looking for and the skill level at which you are currently training, you should be able to make the best choice with ease and even save yourself a few bucks of you are a beginner.Speed Bag Platform ReviewsEverlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag PlatformAt 24 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick, the Everlast Elite adjustable speed bag platform is one of the most popular platforms you will find out there. The platform is easy to mount, but you will need to have your own hardware to perform the mounting, but this platform can also be adjusted depending on your height and the height of the room.The platform might not be the fanciest in terms of design, but it does what it should do. The platform does not include a swivel, but to mount the swivel is quite easy when you have purchased one. This platform also comes with a 120-day warranty and this will give you perfect time to test out the quality of the platform.One problem that has occurred with the platform is the fact that it does rattle quite a lot and this could be really irritating to some people whilst training. The platform is a little light and this can be fixed by adding a little weight at the top.Since this speed bag platform is extremely popular, we highly recommend this for beginners and even intermediate boxers. The platform is not that expensive and since it will be a lifelong investment, you will be sure to make your money back over the years.Pros:Reasonably pricedEasy to mountCan be adjusted easilyCons:Not that sturdyDoes not include mounting hardwareXMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag PlatformThe XMark XM-4441 Adjustable speed bag platform is a little bigger than the Everlast platform and it comes in at around 24 inches. The wood base is also half an inch thicker and since this does translate to a heavier platform, you will find that there is not as much rattling on this platform. The platform can also be adjusted up and down for up to 15 inches after it has been mounted and this will provide you with great versatilityThe mounting equipment has been included with this platform and the bars used for the mounting has been constructed from durable heavy gauge steel. This will also help to minimize the vibrations and ensure that you have more rebound to train with. A high-quality swivel has also been included and this swivel will save you a lot of extra money, but unfortunately, the bag must be purchased separately.This platform is a little expensive and the mounting process will take a little longer and require you to have some of the most common household tools available. We highly recommend this for intermediate to professional boxers to add to their home gym and should you own a gym, this platform will be ideal for your gym as well.Pros:Durable and heavyReduced vibrationsExcellent reboundIncludes a pro swivelCons:Quite expensiveXMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform XM-2811While this platform is quite similar to the previous speed bag platform, it does stand out a little more in terms of quality. The XMark Adjustable speed bag platform XM-2811 has been constructed from oak wood and it also features a furniture-like finish to give some added style to your gym. The mounting bars have also been constructed from durable 11 gauge steel and can be easily mounted with the right household tools.With this platform, you will also receive a high-quality pro level swivel included and these swivels can be rather expensive, which will help you save money to buy a higher quality speed bag to train with. The platform can also be adjusted up and down for up to 15 inches and this will be ideal for all members of the family to train with and even get in some added exercise.Since this platform is one of the more expensive platforms, we do recommend this for professional boxers and gyms, but beginners looking to increase the longevity of their platform might also invest in this platform. This platform will ensure that you never have to buy another one and that you can train smoothly without any vibrations.Pros:Stylish, but durable designVibration resistantEasy to adjustIncludes a pro swivelCons:Really expensiveValor Fitness CA-53 Speed Bag PlatformThe Valor fitness CA-53 Speed bag platform is one of the heaviest platforms you will find. The platform features a 23-inch diameter and it is constructed of 2 inches of hardwood to ensure that you have optimal rebound when training. After it has been mounted, the platform can also be adjusted up to 13 inches to get that perfect spot for you to train.A steel ring has been added to the platform and this does not only increase the weight of the platform, but it also helps to ensure that the wood is protected and does not chip from kids playing in the gym or garage area where the platform is mounted. Assembly tools will be required to mount this platform, but the smaller base design will ensure that it can easily be mounted and also looks more stylish.This is one of the most expensive platforms on our list and it is highly recommended for expert boxers. Since the platform is also quite stylish, it will look great in your home and you will look like a pro as well. A pro level swivel has also been included and these swivels are used in the pro boxing gyms and arenas.Pros:Extremely stylish and solid constructionAdded protection for the woodVibration resistantEasy to adjustIncludes a pro level swivelCons:Does not include great mounting instructions (though we’ve included a Valor installation tutorial below)TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed Bag PlatformThe TITLE brand is one of the most recognized boxing brands you will find and the TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed bag platform is one of the more lucrative platforms on the market. This platform is made from laminated wood for added protection and to improve the rebound of the ball, while the diameter of 24 inches will allow you to use a larger speed bag to improve your strength and explosiveness.A pro-style swivel has also been included and this will definitely save you a few dollars. Basic household tools will be needed to mount this platform and since it is extremely heavy, you might need someone to assist you in mounting the platform. The added weight will; however, ensure that there are no vibrations while you are training and this will be great for pro boxing enthusiasts.We highly recommend this bag for pro boxers and since it is extremely expensive, you might need to save up a little before purchasing a great bag to match the quality. The included swivel does lack a little in terms of balance and this could push you to spend more money on a better swivel.Pros:Extremely durableVibration resistantIncludes a swivelExtremely sturdyCons:Really expensiveThe swivel is unbalancedBalazs Twelve Inch Adjustable Speed Bag PlatformWith a twelve-inch height adjustment level, the Balazs speed bag platform is one of the most durable platforms you will ever find. This platform is not flashy when mounted, but it still looks extremely professional and the added ¼ of a thickness will be great for reducing any vibrations while you are training. This platform has also been constructed from durable maple wood and this does make it more expensive, but you cannot go wrong in terms of quality.The diameter of the drum is 24 inches and it has been powder coated for added protection and to ensure that your platform does not scratch in any way. Many platforms might also damage your speed bag, but this platform will ensure that the speed bag is protected and gives you optimal rebound to train with.Since this is one of the most expensive platforms you will find, we highly recommend this platform for gyms and for professional boxers. The platform is quite heavy and two people might be required to adequately mount the platform, but the clear and concise instructions will make it much easier to do.Pros:Extremely durableVibration resistantEasy to follow instructionsDoes not damage the speed bag in any wayGym qualityCons:Really expensiveBest Choice Products Adjustable Speed Bag Platform TrainerThe Best Choice platform is equally at home in a gym or in your home.  It’s a heavy-duty board that’s ready to hold anything up to 264 pounds (assuming the item to which it is mounted can handle the weight).  The board itself if an inch thick and has a spring pin lock and height adjustment.If there’s a downside, it would be the swivel.  It can be replaced easily with a higher quality unit, so no harm done.The bag and wall mounting hardware is not included, but the price is right!  You can buy it, and then take the whole family to McDonald’s and still not spend $100!We recommend this platform for someone who is budget-conscious and is NOT a professional MMA fighter.  If that kinda sounds like you, I’d give it some consideration for sure!Pros:Provides great functionEasy to set upExtremely durableVERY easy on your walletCons:Does not have an ultra high-quality swivel.Final Thoughts & RecommendationsWe would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you are now able to find the best platform for your speed bag. The platforms are quite expensive, but we would like to once again stress the importance of a high quality, vibration resistant platform and how it will improve your training.If you’re in the market for a bag, we like the Everlast Elite Leather bag! These bags are well-priced, but a lot of time and care has been put in to ensure that you get great quality in spite of the budget price!  You’ll need a good bag if you push your limits in high-intensity workouts.Please let us know in the comment section if we have missed any of your favorites and if you have experience with any of these platforms.The post The 7 Best Speed Bag Platforms for 2019: Pro & Casual Options appeared first on Sport Consumer.