The 12 Best Boxing Gloves 2019 : Beginners, Kickboxing, & Training

If you are a boxer then you know what a demanding sport it is. It takes a combination of skill, proper technique and great stamina in order to get really good at it. There is not much equipment that is worn while doing boxing and there are very few sports where it is just man versus man or woman versus woman like in boxing. With that being said, there is some equipment required to participate in the sport such as a good pair of boxing gloves. If you are serious about being the best you can be when boxing, then you should make sure you get the best boxing gloves you can to help you excel in the sport.Top Boxing Gloves Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Gloves $$$Check Price on Amazon2. Sanabul Essential GEL Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves $$Check Price on Amazon3. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves $$$$Check Price on Amazon4. TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves $$Check Price on Amazon5. Venum Contender Boxing Gloves $$$Check Price on Amazon6. Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves $$$Check Price on Amazon7. Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves $$$Check Price on Amazon8. ProForce Leatherette Boxing Gloves with White Palm $$Check Price on Amazon9. Ringside Apex IMF Tech Flash Boxing Kickboxing Muay Thai Training Gloves $$Check Price on Amazon10. Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves $$Check Price on Amazon11. Everlast Pro Style 8-Ounce Training Gloves $Check Price on Amazon12. Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves $$$Check Price on AmazonWhy do you need a good pair of boxing gloves? Well, one very obvious reason is that they are required in order to spar or participate in an actual fight. They are also used to help keep your hands safe from injury and to prevent your opponent from taking more serious blows than with your bare knuckles when you are fighting. So there are many good reasons to wear boxing gloves and even more good reasons to wear good ones.Best Boxing Glove ReviewsAs we always do we try to find you the best sporting equipment there is available in the marketplace. We took a look at many different pairs of boxing gloves in order to see which ones we liked the best.Here are the boxing gloves we looked at that we feel really stand out among the rest: RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Gloves PROSAffordable qualityForce disperse technologyExtremely lightweightCONSA little tight if you wrap your handsToo stylish for someThumb strap could be betterThese are an extremely nice pair of boxing gloves and when we tell you all about them you will see why they were selected number one on our review list. Everything from the way they perform to the way they look is superior to any other boxing glove that we took a good look at. These are a pair of boxing gloves that are very versatile to use when training. They are not limited in just for use for boxing training either; they can also be used to train for mixed martial arts and Muay Thai style boxing.These are really built to be comfortable while you wear them and they should last you a long time because of the synthetic material they are made out of. They have such great features as soft synthetic leather outside, built in wrist supports and a combination of gel and foam padding. The palm design also makes them a very breathable style boxing glove too.For what you get with these gloves they are very affordable, to say the least. Some of you will like there style a lot and this boxing glove also comes in a very wide assortment of colors. This is a really nice glove here. Sanabul Essential GEL Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves PROSDesigned around the natural curvature of your handAdvanced Velcro closure systemExtremely lightweightCONSA little snug if you use hand wrapsSome won’t like the designPossible durability issues with the stitchingIf you want to train safely for boxing or many other glove fighting sports, then these fine gloves will do the trick nicely. They are very well designed to say the least. It is a pair of gloves that offers great hand protection and does it without being overly heavy.One of the best features about this glove is how it uses advanced technology to build the glove pattern around that of a closed hand. It means there is very little resistance to keeping your hand close when wearing them. The gel padding is excellent and the Velcro closure system is really top notch too.These gloves have a very basic style to them but they are not an eyesore by any means. They also come in a large selection of different accenting colors. It is an affordable training glove considering all the excellent features it has. We all liked these boxing training gloves very much. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves PROS100% attached thumbSoft leather outsideTriple reinforced palmCONSA bit to the pricey sideThe design won’t appeal to someFit is a little loose for someVenum has shown a knack for making quality boxing gloves over the years and these fine gloves are no exception. As we took a closer look at them many of the features these gloves have really appealed to us. We feel any boxer that uses these to train or spar in will be very pleased with them.We really liked such features as the 100% attached thumb which helps to protect both you and your opponent from injury. There is also the heavily reinforced palm to help soak up the sweat and these gloves have a very nice soft leather outer material.The design of these will definitely be a little ‘loud’ for some, yet we are sure it will really appeal to others too. Regardless of that, these mid-priced boxing gloves truly have a lot of great features built into them. It is a boxing glove that is also available in a very large assortment of colors too. TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves PROSAffordable qualityWrap around leather wrist strapExtremely lightweightCONSNot padded enough for someVery basic stylingThe wrist support could be betterTitle makes a wide variety of boxing equipment and they have an excellent reputation for making quality boxing products. These fine boxing gloves from them are no exception. They will give anyone who wears them when sparring or training a little edge to their boxing routine.This is a pair of gloves that have a very nice leather shell that is extremely soft. They feature moderate foam padding and an excellent Velcro wrist lock to make them easy to take on and off. A synthetic inner liner helps keep your hands dry as you box too. They are very lightweight and have a decent ergonomic design to help them fit well.These gloves are very inexpensive for as high quality of boxing glove as they are. The styling of them is very basic and they are not available in very many different colors. Despite a few of the drawbacks these gloves have none of them were a deal breaker for us when you consider these boxing glove’s other design features. Venum Contender Boxing Gloves PROSSynthetic leather is soft and durableAdvanced Velcro closure systemExtremely lightweightCONSA little snug if you use hand wrapsSome won’t like the designPossible durability issues with the inner liningHere is another very good boxing glove from the Venum line of boxing products. Like most of their boxing goods, these gloves are made to very exacting standards and are a really high quality boxing glove. They will be an asset to anyone who trains or spars in them.There are a lot of different types of synthetics that are used in making these gloves. The simulated leather on the outside is very soft and durable. Inside these gloves they are lined with a very breathable material that will assist in keeping your hands dry as you box. We really liked the design of these boxing gloves.The styling on these is pretty plain but that is not what most people are after in boxing gloves anyway. These boxing gloves come in a variety of colors including a few that should appeal to the ladies. It is a boxing glove that has a good price point too considering it is a high-quality product. Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves PROSPatented thumb lockSoft leather outsidemesh reinforced palmCONSA bit to the pricey sideOnly in ladies designsSome durability concerns with the paddingThis is the first set of boxing gloves on our top review list that is specifically designed for the ladies who participate in the sport. Everlast is a strong name in boxing circles and these nice gloves do not disappoint at all. Any lady who chooses to wear them when training or sparring will be very happy they did.The material these are gloves are made of on the outside is not only soft but it also resists bacteria buildup after getting moist. There is mesh material placed into the palm of these gloves so they have excellent ventilation through to your hands as you box.Many ladies will like the pinkish color these come in but some will also be disappointed there are not more colors to choose from. That would have been nice considering the mid-high price range on these boxing gloves. We feel Everlast really went the extra mile when designing these fine boxing gloves specifically for a woman’s hands. Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves PROSSynthetic leather is soft and durableLarge Velcro closure systemTriple density foam paddingCONSWon’t fit in everyone’s budgetSome won’t like the designSlight non-pleasant odorHere is another fine boxing product from Venum. They put many boxing gloves into this top product review list because they design their boxing gear well and manufacture it to very high standards. That is why you can’t lose if you buy just about any model of Venum boxing gloves.These have a soft synthetic leather finish to them. They also feature what Venum calls ‘triple’ foam padding that is designed to disperse the impact on your hands when you hit your opponent or hit your training equipment. These boxing gloves also feature a wide wrist enclosure and they are extremely lightweight too.Just like with other models of Venum gloves, some won’t like the design and others will really like it. These gloves also have one of the widest color selections of any of the boxing gloves we took a look at. They definitely will not fit in everyone’s boxing gear budget. Overall they are a very good quality boxing glove. ProForce Leatherette Boxing Gloves with White Palm PROSVery affordableSoft synthetic leather outsideForm fit designCONSMediocre ventilationOnly in ladies designsCould use more paddingHere is another fine boxing glove that is designed specifically for women. It is also by far one of the most affordable boxing gloves that we reviewed. Don’t mistake its low price as meaning that it is not a very good boxing glove product because it will make any lady that purchases it very happy.They come in a pink colored version that should really appeal to the ladies. The synthetic leather these boxing gloves are made of on the outside is very soft and durable. They also feature a very good Velcro wrist closure to make them easy to quickly slip them on and off.These are a step down from the Everlast women’s boxing gloves that we reviewed earlier but they are still a great buy for the price you pay for them. On the downside they also come in a very limited selection of colors and the design of them is very basic in nature. We think ProForce did a very nice job on the overall design of these fine ladies boxing gloves. Ringside Apex IMF Tech Flash Boxing Kickboxing Muay Thai Training Gloves PROSSynthetic leather is soft and durableAdvanced Velcro closure systemThick foam paddingCONSA little snug if you use hand wrapsSome won’t like the designWeight seems a little off Ringside has done a very nice job with the design of these boxing gloves. They are an especially good glove for those that are just taking up the sport of boxing. It is a glove that will do a nice job for you whether you are training in the gym or sparring with a partner.These gloves best feature is their extra thick foam padding that helps absorb the shock on your hands as you fight and train. They also have a mesh palm to help keep your hand sweat free as you use them. Also included in these boxing gloves are a wraparound Velcro wrist enclosure and an attached thumb piece for safety.The design on these boxing gloves is a little bold to say the least and they will not appeal to everybody. What will appeal to everyone is one of the many different colors they are sold in. We feel they are a glove that is a good buy for all they will do for you when you wear them. Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves PROSSynthetic leather is soft and durableLarge Velcro closure systemUnique Asian boxing style thumbCONSShould not be worn when sparringVery basic stylingSlight non-pleasant odorThese gloves from Everlast are great for training in, especially if you like to punch a heavy bag often. They are both comfortable and protective as you are punching a heavy bag. This is also a very affordable pair of boxing gloves compared to many of the others on our review list. Anyone who purchases these boxing gloves for training purposes will be more than pleased that they did once they use them.These have very thick foam padding in them and a special style thumb that is preferred in Thai style boxing. You can’t use them to spar in regular boxing but they will work great for any type of boxing training that you will do.The styling on these could not get more basic but then again that should not be expected of a boxing training glove in this low price range. It’s also available only in a very limited color selection. Overall there is a lot to like about these gloves for the price. Everlast Pro Style 8-Ounce Training Gloves PROSSynthetic leather is soft and durableHook and loop closure systemThumb lock designCONSShould not be worn when sparringVery basic stylingJust a training gloveFor those of you that like to use a speed bag or a heavy bag when you train this is a perfect glove to do it with. It offers much better hand protection than those generic lightly padded gloves that many people use. Why take a chance on injuring your hand when training if good boxing gloves are available in this price range.These gloves are made of very durable and soft synthetic leather. They offer the user of Everlast’s patented “Thumb-loc” design. It is a glove that uses a more traditional hook and loop closure design. Everlast has also done a nice job of designing these around the normal curvature of your hand.There is not a lot of style with these if you like to look good in the gym but as was mentioned they are great for training purposes. Everlast offers them at a very affordable price that should be able to fit into everyone’s boxing training budget. Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves PROSSynthetic leather is soft and durableHook and loop closure systemThumb lock designCONSShould not be worn when sparringVery basic stylingJust a training gloveWe round out our review list with another fine boxing training glove from Everlast. This company real does a good job of making products that will keep you safe and using the correct form when working out. These fine boxing gloves will give anyone who uses them an edge when training.We really like Everlast’s “Thumb-loc” technology and these very good training gloves feature it too. It helps keep your thumb in a safe position when doing your boxing training. Other nice features of these gloves include full wrist padding and antimicrobial material used in its construction.Again we see that Everest is really not into making products that have a flashy design to them. These are about as basic looking a boxing glove as you can get. The bottom line is they will really help you work out properly as you train so the rest really should not matter. Boxing Glove Buying GuideAs you have read through the reviews it should become apparent that there are several characteristics that are seen repeatedly when it pertains to boxing gloves. By no means are all boxing gloves identical but most are built with similar concepts in mind. There certainly is a lot more to boxing glove design than most people realize.Because boxing gloves are so important to your proper form and safety when training it really is in your best interest to purchase a good pair of them. Here is a list of boxing glove characteristics that you should really pay attention to as you are shopping for your next pair of boxing gloves to train in.PriceOf course, price will most likely factor into your boxing glove buying decision and it should. Just beware that even the most expensive boxing gloves used for training are rarely if ever over $150. If you are serious about your boxing training and it is a glove that should last you a long time, then even the highest priced boxing gloves are not out of most people’s budget range.This is a good thing because of the way we feel prices trend with boxing gloves. There seems to be a very strong correlation between the quality of a boxing glove and its price point. So spending more will often get you more as far as boxing gloves are concerned. This does not mean you can’t find some real bargains on boxing gloves if you look hard enough.FitThe days of one size fits all boxing gloves are in the past. Nowadays you can find all different styles of fit in boxing gloves. That means you should be able to find a boxing glove that fits you just the way you like. Things such as Velcro wrist closures make adjusting the fit of your boxing gloves very easy. So look for features that give a boxing glove better ways to fit.Boxing glove design has also gotten much more ergonomic as of late and that is something you need to be aware of as you shop for a new pair of boxing gloves too. A glove that is designed to simulate the natural curvature of your hand will make it easier to hold your hands in the correct position as you box, That is a nice bonus feature of any boxing glove.WeightThe more you train the better your boxing skills will become. That is a simple fact that applies to a majority of people. Keeping that in mind it stands to reason that you want to do things when you train that will not make you tired as fast. A big part of that is having lighter weight boxing gloves. Make sure you know the weight of any boxing gloves that you are thinking about purchasing. Boxing gloves can usually be found in weights ranging from 8 ounces all the way up to 16 ounces.Padding/Shock AbsorptionHand safety is a big concern when training for boxing. That means you want a glove that will protect your hands nicely as you train. When you are shopping for a new pair of boxing gloves make note of what type of padding it has and how thick it is. Gel padding and thick closed cell foam padding will do a great job of absorbing the shock to your hands as you train. This is one of the most important features to note as you are doing your boxing glove shopping.Wrist ClosureWrist closures play an important part in both the fit of your boxing glove and the protection of the wrist area as you train and spar. It is definitely an area that you want to take a good look at as you are shopping for your new boxing gloves. These days higher quality boxing gloves usually use various forms of Velcro enclosures to get the job done. These not only add protection and adjustability but also make the gloves easy to take off and on quickly. If you are in a store trying on boxing gloves make a note of the style closure that you are most comfortable with.Material/DurabilityYou would be well advised to get a boxing glove that is made out of a synthetic material that is very strong. That way you know your new boxing gloves will be very durable and last you well into the future. This is important because training on such apparatus as speed bags and heavy punching bags can really take its toll on your boxing gloves. Boxing gloves that are made of inferior materials will wear out quickly and need to be replaced. This can get very expensive if you are not careful.BreathabilityYou certainly will get uncomfortable in a hurry if your hands get all sweaty and moist inside your boxing gloves. That is why you want to buy a pair of boxing gloves that allows for good air flow through them. Look for such things as mesh and dry-wicking materials built into the palm of the boxing glove to help accomplish this.Inner LinerNot all boxing gloves have inner liners but it is something that you definitely want to consider having in your new boxing gloves. Inner liners tend to promote such things as breathability and keeping your hands moisture free as you are boxing. They are really a nice feature to have in any boxing glove.Thumb LockYears ago the thumb was a very vulnerable area when training for boxing. This risk of injury has been greatly reduced in today’s modern boxing glove designs. Be aware though that some gloves have better ways of doing this than others. Gloves that are designed with special thumb lock technology or have the thumbs 100% attached are a great thing to have. So look for this type of thumb protection as you shop.WarrantyA good warranty is a great thing to have with any product and boxing gloves are certainly no exception. No company is ever perfect when it comes to things such as workmanship and the quality of the materials that go into making their boxing gloves. A good warranty will help give you peace of mind in this respect.A warranty is also a good indicator of how well a company thinks a particular model of boxing glove of theirs is made. No company will place a longer warranty on a product that is made poorly. Warranties are also a great deciding factor when you have narrowed your choices down to two that are very similar.Conclusion & RecommendationsIf you did not know already, you can now see there is a lot more that should go into your boxing or even mma glove buying decision then most people realize. You certainly do not want to buy a pair of boxing gloves that does not fit your intended boxing style and the way you train. So be sure to take your time when shopping so you wind up with the best boxing gloves for your needs.Many people ask us what are the model boxing gloves on the review that we like best. They all are pretty good boxing gloves but there was one in particular that really stood out to us. That was RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Gloves. For the price you pay for them they were absolutely loaded with great features.You really cannot go wrong when purchasing any of the fine boxing gloves on our list if you match up their features with your needs. If you shop for a pair of boxing gloves that is not on our review list of the top ones, then be sure to follow the tips in our boxing glove buyer’s guide when doing so.The post The 12 Best Boxing Gloves 2019 : Beginners, Kickboxing, & Training appeared first on Sport Consumer.