10 Best Hockey Skates for 2019 : Beginners, Youth, Wide Feet

Hockey is an absolutely wonderful game for anyone to play. It is also a tough game to learn because you have to master several different parts of it in order to get good at it. One of those is skating. If you cannot skate well chances are you will not go far in the game of hockey. Skill alone is not the only contributing factor to being a good skater either. You also need a good pair of hockey skates. We have written this article to help you recognize the characteristics that the best hockey skates have. Once you know that, then finding the right pair of skates for you or your youth player is relatively easy.Top Ice Hockey Skate Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Bauer Vapor X400 Ice Hockey Skates$$$$Check Price on Amazon2. CCM Ultra Tacks Senior Ice Hockey Skates $$$$Check Price on Amazon3. Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate $$Check Price on Amazon4. CCM Youth Jetspeed FT340 Skate $$Check Price on Amazon5. Bauer Vapor X300 Ice Hockey Skates $$$Check Price on Amazon6. Bauer Supreme ONE.4 Ice Hockey Skates (Youth) $$Check Price on Amazon7. Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate $$$Check Price on Amazon8. Bauer Senior Vapor X200 Skate $$$Check Price on Amazon9. American Athletic Shoe Women’s Soft Boot Hockey Skates $$Check Price on Amazon10. American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Ice Force Hockey Skates $$$Check Price on AmazonWhy is it so important to have a good pair of hockey skates in order to play the game well? The simple fact is, skating is such a big part of the game of hockey and having the right pair of skates is a big part of being able to skate well. A hockey skate needs to fit so well that it literally needs to become an extension of your foot and it needs to perform well too so you can get up and down the ice quickly and smoothly.Hockey Skate Buying GuideHockey skates may seem like a simple sports product but there is a lot of effort that goes into the design of them and they also use some very advanced technology. It is part of the reason that quality skates are not an inexpensive item. In order to get a pair of hockey skates that meet your skating needs and you are happy with, you need to focus on some key characteristics that most hockey skates have. Here are some skate characteristics you need to take a very close look at as you are doing your hockey skate shopping.PriceHockey skates come in all different price ranges. Unfortunately, it usually holds true that the more you pay for a pair of hockey skates the better quality of skate you are getting. That is one of the reasons that hockey can be a very expensive sport to equip you or your youth athlete to play it.The fact remains though, that if you are like most people then you have a set budget in which to do your hockey skate shopping with. That means you may not always be able to get everything that you want in a hockey skate for you or your youth player. If this is the case then you will have to decide which hockey skate features are most important to you and then purchase a pair of skates that includes as many of these as possible.  Low-end skates are priced from under $100 to around $250.  These do not offer any customizable options.  Mid-range skates offer a moldable gel interior, and they range from $300 – $500 or so.  Then, you’ve got your high-end pro skates that are up around $700-$1000 and they offer many customizable options from a moldable interior, exterior, and even custom moldable insoles.   You can find out more info in the video just below.Size/FitThere is no more important an aspect in hockey skates than how they fit on you or your youth player’s feet. We already mentioned that they should be so snug they are an extension of your foot. In order to skate as well as you can, when your foot moves your skate should mirror that foot movement as closely as possible.You might remember going shoe shopping with your mother when you were younger. When the salesman checked the fit of your shoes as you tried them on they always made sure there was space between your big toe and the end of the shoe. Well, you can throw that train of thought out the window when it comes to buying hockey skates. You want as little extra room as possible between your toes and the end of the skate without it resulting in an uncomfortable and painful situation.Snug is definitely the key here. It is what makes a hockey skate ultra-responsive to the person who is wearing. Also, do not confuse the word ‘snug’ with the words ‘overly tight’. There is a very big difference here to say the least. If your feet hurt every time you get done taking your skates off, then your skates are probably too tight and that is not what you want either. A snug skate is responsive but does not hurt your feet when you wear it.Here is one really important piece of advice if you are buying skates for your youth hockey player. Yes, skates can be a big investment for your youth hockey player to say the least. For that reason when many people buy skates for their youth player there is a tendency to get them a little big so they can ‘grow into them’. Why that may seem like a good idea financially it can be a disastrous setback for your youth player’s ability to improve their skating. Loose skates will be wobbly, lack support and be uncomfortable to wear.SAY WHAT?!  Bake my Skates??SupportIt is an absolute must that any hockey skate you buy properly support the structure of your feet. If your skates fit you snug but do not do such things as limit how much your ankle can over move, then that pair of skates will be a pair that will not help maximize your skating ability. A quality pair of hockey skates will support your ankles, the sides of your feet and your arches as you wear them. So make this a point of emphasis for any pair of hockey skates that you are thinking of buying.ComfortWe mentioned how important ‘fit’ is when you are wearing your hockey skates but that is not the only thing that makes your skates comfortable to use. Hockey skates, much the same as a good athletic shoe, must have other features built into them that make them comfortable to wear as you play the game. These include such features as arch supports, padded inserts and other soft materials in areas where your feet will contact the inside of the skate. Don’t overlook these important little details as you are doing your skate shopping.Protection/PaddingA hockey puck is a hard piece of vulcanized rubber that can sometimes travel at high speeds during a hockey game. Much of the time that puck is also traveling at around the same level as your skates and when it hits you it does so with great force. That is why you need some protection built into your skates to minimize the impact on your feet of such things as hockey sticks, other skates and the puck as you are playing. You may feel it when these types of impact occur but proper padding in a skate will keep it so it does not hurt badly or injure you. It is especially important that your sensitive ankle areas be protected by your skate as you play the game of hockey too.LacingThe lacing style of your skate also plays an important role in how well your hockey skates function for you. A skate that laces up snug will provide the extra support that your feet need while you or your youth player are wearing skates. Many payers also like to unless their skates during intermissions to increase the blood flow to the feet at this time; if that is the case with you or your youth hockey player, then you want a pair of hockey skates with a lacing style where this can be easily done with little or no effort. Stay away from skate models that use such things as Velcro attachments to tighten them up with.BladeBlade construction is another area where hockey skates have vastly improved over the years. It used to be that heavy all-metal blades were the norm but now they have been replaced by blades that are made of space-age plastics and lightweight metal alloys. You need to select a pair of skates that has a blade which will put the most amount of blade on the ice surface as you skate too. This will help you build up speed quickly and also help you when you go to stop.WeightOver the last 30 years, the materials that hockey skates have been constructed with have gone through some dramatic changes. Gone are the days where heavy plastics and bulky metal pieces are used in the construction of them. These days’ carbon fibers and other space-age components make hockey skates lighter than ever.That does not mean that there are no differences in the weights between different models of skates that should be considered when shopping. Some people are more sensitive to increased weight than other players are. Weight also comes in the form of tradeoffs too; for instance, a defenseman may prefer the added weight in the form of extra protection gives them while a forward may want a lighter skate that offers less protection.StyleThese days manufacturers realize that the skates they produce not only have to be functional but they should be stylish looking too. That means there is no reason you should not be able to find a good looking pair of skates that compliments your uniform also. You certainly do not want to make the skate style a major point of emphasis in your skate shopping task but it is always a nice little bonus to think you look good when you are playing the game of hockey too.WarrantyIt’s no secret that hockey is a very rough game and it’s very rough on the equipment that you play it with; your hockey skates are certainly no exception to this. They will take as much of a beating or more than any other piece of equipment that you use to play the game. That is why you want to get the best and most inclusive warranty you can when you purchase you or your youth player’s new skates.Good skate warranties will not only give you piece of mind that you are protected from material failure and poor workmanship, it will also give you an indication of how well built a manufacturer thinks their product is too. A warranty can also be a deciding factor when you are having trouble choosing between two different pairs of skates that offer similar features.Best Hockey Skate ReviewsWe looked at many different model hockey skates and we found that these models were by far the ones that impressed us the most. Bauer Vapor X400 Ice Hockey Skates (Senior)Pros:Bauer’s 3 fit systemQuality throughoutProven skateCons:Not the cheapest skate on the marketTight in the heel for someAverage looking skateA Lightspeed Pro blade holder is standard on this model, and it holds a non-removable Tuuk stainless steel runner.   This year’s model has a huge jump in stiffness over the X300, so I’d stick with this one.  The overall look of this skate is a traditional one, so if that speaks to you (you’ll get it if you get it!), you’ll love this skate.  There’s an “X-rib” heel support that furthers stiffens the design.  The anatomical 3-piece white felt tongue is included and we’re happy about that!  Along the center of the tongue, there’s an integrated lace bit saddle to help with securing your laces in order to maximize the result of your pulling as hard as you can while you’re lacing the skate.  The moisture-wicking micro-fiber lining has a great feel to it, along with the interior heel pads.  All around, it’s one of the better choices for an adult skate. CCM Ultra Tacks Senior Ice Hockey SkatesPros:Anatomical fitQuality throughoutProven skate brandUltimate Customization and fitCons:Not budget friendly – SUPER EXPENSIVECCM has been one of the biggest names in skates for many decades now. It’s no wonder they have one of the highest rated products on our review list of best skates. In hockey circles, the model name ‘Tacks’ is practically synonymous with the word quality. CCM Tacks have been the preferred skate of many amateurs and professionals for many years now.The Ultra Tacks Senior is a high-quality skate that is well designed both inside and out.  Not only that, but this skate is about the most expensive we could find since they are pro-quality.  These skates feature an exceptional fit that is enhanced by a comfortable inner microfiber liner. Even the tongue of the skate is padded for extra comfort. It is truly an unbelievably comfortable skate in which to play.  It features the CCM Speedblade Black runner blades which are covered with a black coating that extends edge life.  The blade is connected to the Speedblade 4.0 holder which sits taller than previous models which allows you to cut corners lower without contacting the ice surface.  The holder is connected to the full composite lightweight outsole which is stiffer and offers way better energy transfer than the traditional injected plastic outsole of most less-expensive models.   The exterior is CCM’s Tack frame 2 carbon composite quarter package with their T-form core (in case that sounds a bit technical, let’s just say you have an exceptionally stiff exterior for ultimate support).  It offers a 7mm Tri-tech tongue with an injected lace bite guard.  Multi-density memory foam inside rounds out the very high-end pro skate, and remember to bake the skate and follow standard protocols to custom fit the skate to your foot.  CCM has the best skate for custom-fitting.Make no mistake!  This is top-of-the-line pro skate with every possible customizable feature possible, and if you have the budget, this will be your best option for a perfect fit and un-paralleled performance (as long as you bake the skate). Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate Pros:Great price pointNylon quartersAnatomical designCons:Generic blade designRun a little big on someLightly linedThis is a very good and economical youth skate. It will make a great skate for anyone who is just starting out playing the game of hockey. You certainly don’t want to spend a fortune on your youth hockey player’s skates until you are sure if they will stick with the game or not and with these skates will help there.It has a lot of features that you will find in more expensive skates too. Such as a premium microfiber insert to help enhance the comfort of these skates and an anatomical design that will enhance the foot control your youth player has when wearing these skates.These are not the classic Tuuk blades found on Bauer’s higher-end skates but they are still a quality blade all the same. The entire skate is perfectly lightweight for any size youth player too. When you factor in this skate has reinforced nylon quarters and adequate protection in all the right places, you can see that it is a very good starter skate for any youth player. CCM Youth Jetspeed FT340 SkatePros:Very affordableAll synthetic outer shellLow profile designCons:Non-replaceable runnerRuns a little big on some feetLightly linedThis is another very good pair of youth hockey skates that are made by Bauer’s biggest competitor CCM. Both of these companies have been the leading skate manufacturers for many years because of the quality of the hockey skates they produce. These fine youth skates will only add to CCM’s already fine reputation as a hockey skate maker.The outer shell construction of this skate is exceptionally well made too considering how affordable these skates are. It is made of all reinforced synthetic material. There is also light protective padding for the ankle and vulnerable foot areas.  The outsole is a full composite material (much better than molded plastic) which is the same outsole found on CCM’s $800 Skates!  Once again, the tri-guard tongue with multiple types of felt is the same tongue found on their higher-end skates.  We’re happy to see multi-density, memory foam ankle pads in the Jetspeed which have been a hallmark of higher-priced CCM skates.When we tried these on we also really liked the blades on these skates. Although it is non-replaceable dual piece construction, it was still an exceptional blade for a skate at this price point. The blade has a very low profile type design to it also. That means you have very good control over this skate because a larger percentage of the skate blade contacts the ice. Bauer Vapor X300 Ice Hockey Skates (Senior)Pros:Quality Tuuk bladeLOW price pointClosed cell foam ankle protectionCons:Thin in some areas of the bootNot available in all sizesBy now you are starting to see a familiar pattern with the quality of Bauer skates. From their least expensive skate to their most expensive, they make them all with high-quality features. It is the very reason why you will see many Bauer skates adorning the feet of both youth and adult hockey players all over the world.The Vapor X300 is covered with a full one-piece injected composite weave, while the blade and holder are of excellent and durable quality (Tuuk Lightspeed Pro holder with Tuuk stainless steel blade) – the same as other higher-end models.  It features micro-fiber liner material and AnaForm ankle pads and a comfortable and protective tongue. Bauer Supreme ONE.4 Ice Hockey Skates (Youth)Pros:Premium nylon outer layerExcellent price pointMicrofiber inserts for dryness and comfortCons:Prone to tearing on the sides over timeProtection is somewhat limited when wearing themSlightly heavyThis is one of Bauer’s best budget skates but don’t mistake that to mean that these are not a good model hockey skate. You certainly would not want to use these in a serious hockey league but they are perfect for recreational league use and occasional pickup games. There is no need for everyone to spend several hundred dollars on hockey skates just to play every once in a while.The Youth Supreme ONE.4 made our list of top 10 only because of 3 primary reasons.  Firstly, they are made by one of the world’s leading 2 skate manufacturers.  Secondly, they are exceptionally affordable coming in at well under $100.  Thirdly, the value of what is offered is nearly unbeatable.  At this rock bottom price, they still have features found on skates many times the price.These skates do nothing to hurt the reputation of Bauer, and that’s saying a lot! They are extremely well made and feature such things as closed cell foam inserts to protect certain areas of your feet and they also nicely support the areas of your feet that need it the most. These Bauer skates will serve both beginner and intermediate level hockey players very well. On top of that, we feel they are a very durable skate too because of the way they are solidly put together. They should last anyone who purchases them a very long time. This model skate was by no means perfect but we all agreed they were a very good value for the money you pay for them.We were all impressed how solidly built these skates were for the price you pay for them. There could be some durability issues over time but that is unavoidable with any model budget skate. There nylon outer layer provides some decent support throughout the entire skate boot. These can also be found in wide width sizes.The one thing that is outstanding about these economical model skates is that they come with actual Tuuk blade technology. That is the same blade technology that is found on skates that are several times more expensive than these ones. Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate Pros:Quality Tuuk Lightspeed bladeMedium price pointTear resistant bootCons:Run a little bigNot heavily paddedSome minor durability issuesThese have been one of the better skates on the market for many decades now. They are the very skate that put Bauer on the hockey world map. They were a quality skate when they were first produced that has only gotten better over the years. Many of us have college level hockey experience or better and would have no problem purchasing these skates to play competitive hockey in.When they are on your feet the support in them is very good to say the least. Your ankle area will have little or no wobble to it and the skates tend to replicate almost the exact movement of your feet. This makes for fast starts and smooth strides as you are going up and down the ice.These skates are also very comfortable to wear when you are playing. They have a soft interior that wraps around your feet nicely without being too tight. They are a skate that is anatomically designed and can also be heat molded to form to your feet. Bauer Senior Vapor X200 Skate Pros:Quality Tuuk bladeMedium price pointStylish lookCons:Run a little bigThin protection in some areas of the bootNeed to bake and sharpen before usingHere is another fine skate from Bauer. It is an excellent entry level skate for older players picking up the game of hockey or those that play only on a casual basis. It has just the right amount of support and protection for that type of hockey play. We all agreed this is a very good hockey skate for the price point it is sold at.It is a very comfortable skate to wear. Inside a microfiber liner surrounds your foot to help keep them dry and provide some cushion. Even the tongue takes the shape of your foot’s natural curve and is nicely padded also. You can play a long time in these and your feet will not feel sore at all afterward. These can also be found in wide width sizes.On the outside, they are really nice too. They feature nylon construction throughout which helps them support your feet. They even have a specially designed heel and ankle area to make them fit snug for better performance. The Tuuk performance runner and blade that comes with them is the same blade that is found on Bauer’s more expensive line of skates too. American Athletic Shoe Women’s Soft Boot Hockey Skates Pros:Specially designed just for womenMedium price pointLots of foam padding to cushion the footCons:Not a unisex skateProtection is somewhat limited when wearing themNot meant for serious league playHere is a skate that is made only for the ladies. It is designed to meet the different needs in sizing it takes for a ladies foot to properly fit in a skate. Now the ladies that play the game do not have to use skates that were originally designed for men any longer. These skates also have a design that gives them a nice touch of style too.American Athletic shoe is not nearly as big of a skate manufacturer as Bauer and CCM are so we give them kudos for coming up with one of the only lady specific skates in the hockey marketplace.The main drawback of these is that you must be aware that they are strictly a practice skate only. They do not have a lot of reinforcement in the boot itself or protective padding. This skate is ideal however for those ladies who prefer a hockey-style blade when recreational skating or participating in skate and shoot sessions. American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Ice Force Hockey Skates Pros:Premium nylon outer layerMulti-layered ankle supportInsulated well enough to wear outdoorsCons:Priced a little high for entry-level skatesProtection is somewhat limited when wearing themSlightly heavyAmerican Athletic Shoe Company has made a nice entry level skate here that is slightly better than some of the more popular companies’ entry level skate products. There tends to be a little more support structure and padding in these than most entry-level skates have. We were impressed by the design here, to say the least.Keep in mind these are definitely entry level skates.  They are really NOT meant for serious league competition and these are not recommended for advanced or very skilled player use. But if you need a skate for pond hockey or light recreational use, then these are exactly the model skate you want to own.They do not have an extreme amount of padding but they have generous support in the ankle area and other areas of the boot. The blade quality is also excellent on these for a lower priced skate model. You can skate around in them pretty smoothly and they are comfortable to wear even for an extended period of time. Conclusion & RecommendationThere is truly a large variety of different types of hockey skates available in the sports marketplace. It does not matter whether you are a dedicated serious hockey player or a weekend recreational player, there are a pair of skates made that will do nicely for you.For those young players just starting out we encourage you to seriously consider the CCM Jet Speed 250 youth ice hockey skates; they are a quality skate for the money you pay. For more serious players you can’t beat the VAPOR X500 by Bauer to help give you a competitive edge when playing the game of hockey.There really are no bad skates on the review list we have here. You just have to match the skate model to you or your youth player’s level of competition and primary skate use. Make sure you use the buying guidelines we gave you too; the advice in there will come in very handy to use in your search. If you use the skates we reviewed as an example of high quality skates and also factor in the advice in the buying guide, then you should have no problem at all finder a pair of skates that will nicely fit you or your youth player’s needs.The post 10 Best Hockey Skates for 2019 : Beginners, Youth, Wide Feet appeared first on Sport Consumer.