The 10 Best Adult & Youth Wrestling Singlets for 2019

Wrestling is a highly competitive sport that takes skill, quickness and fast reactions in order to excel at it. That is why you don’t want a wrestling singlet that will restrict your movement. Even a little restriction of movement while wrestling can end up costing you a match. A split second in this sport is really that critical. In this article we will tell you a little about what to look for in a wrestling singlet when shopping for one and we will also feature some reviews on what we feel are some of the best wrestling singlets.Top Wrestling Singlets Comparison ChartPictureNameTypePriceWhere to Buy?1. Matman Wrestling Youth Boys Double Knit Nylon Singlet Youth$$$Check Price on Amazon2. ASICS Men’s Snap Down Wrestling Singlet Adult$$$$Check Price on Amazon3. ASICS Men’s Solid Modified Singlet Adult$$$Check Price on Amazon4. Brute Maverick Adult Wrestling Singlet Adult$$$$Check Price on Amazon5. Brute Women’s Performance Cut Lycra Wrestling SingletAdult$$$Check Price on Amazon6. ASICS Mens Lightning Strike Singlet Adult$$$Check Price on Amazon7. Adidas Stock Singlet with 3 Side Stripes Adult$$$$Check Price on Amazon8. Lycra Wrestling Singlet by 4-Time All American Youth$$$Check Price on Amazon9. Brute Men’s Lycra High Cut Wrestling Singlet Adult$$Check Price on Amazon10. Matman Wrestling 83 Singlet Adult$$$Check Price on AmazonWrestling Singlets Buying GuideWe have told you that a wrestling singlet is too vital a piece of equipment to just get any old one to use while you participate in the sport. There are literally hundreds of singlets out there in the sports marketplace and not all of them are good ones.Here are some key features of singlets to concentrate on as you are doing your search to buy one:PriceWith wrestling singlets, there is a lot of variation in price. Price is not always indicative of quality either; there are many things that come into play in the price of singlets such as brand name, styling, and construction. So don’t be fooled into thinking that the highest priced singlet is also the best one.Price can be used as a deciding factor when deciding between two wrestling singlets that you like if they have similar properties. So take your time when searching and you will definitely be able to find a singlet that meets your needs and your budget.Size/FitFit is very important when it comes to wrestling singlets. You certainly don’t want to wear a singlet that is tight and restrictive. There is a flipside to that also; a singlet that is loose could give your opponent a potential place to grab and gain an advantage during a match. So make sure you get one that is snug in fit but not so much it restricts your movement.How do you properly size a wrestling singlet? The best way is to follow the advice that each individual manufacturer tells you about how their products tend to fit. Most manufacturers will list a size chart that will include such parameters as you or your child’s weight and height. It costs companies a lot of money to do returns so these sizing charts are normally very accurate.Fabric/StretchAlong the lines of fit is that you need your singlet to be able to stretch. Again, not to the point where the singlet is so restrictive that you are overstretching it but a comfortable sort of stretch. The type of stretch that allows the singlet to keep moving as you move and does it in a fluid and non-resistant manner.You definitely want your singlet to stretch a little when it’s on as opposed to being so loose that it moves all over as you are wrestling.Most wrestling singlets have at least a little spandex in them. The general rule is the more spandex the more comfortable the material will be when stretched. So check the composition percentages of such things as the amount of nylon, polyester or spandex that a wrestling singlet is made out of.SeamsMost people don’t think about the seams on the wrestling singlet they are about to buy but they are important nonetheless. You can’t make a wrestling singlet that is one piece seam-free, so that means they will be in there someplace. If a seam is not done right it can make a singlet very uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. That is why it is important to check and see such things as how smooth a seam is (raised seams tend to irritate more) and the placement of wear the seams are on any wrestling singlet you are thinking about purchasing depending on what you plan to wear under the singlet.VersatilitySome wrestling singlets can be very versatile in their uses too. Many people use them for things other than wrestling. Weightlifters tend to prefer wrestling singlets over other types of athletic clothing while training. People also use them to work out in, riding bikes and we have even seen people swim in them since they are made of similar material to swimming suits. So if you like to use your wrestling singlet for more than one purpose, then take that into consideration when shopping for one.StyleThere are very few pieces of athletic clothing where style should be considered but a wrestling singlet is one of them. As we mentioned before they come in a variety of designs and color combinations to choose from. Many times these will also affect the price of a pair of wrestling singlets. Fancier designs placed on singlets will usually cost a little more.There is nothing that says you can’t look good while you wrestle; so see if you can’t add a little style into your game by purchasing a wrestling singlet that looks good and inspires you more than just a basic one.WarrantyWrestling singlets will be put through a lot of wear and tear by you; both on the mat and in the wash cycle. That is why you want one that is made out of a material that is durable but that alone is not enough. Material defects, seam separations, and workmanship errors can and do happen. The only way to protect yourself from these things is with a good warranty on your singlet. That is why it is important to know what the warranty is on any singlet that you are thinking about buying. This is especially true if you are thinking about a higher priced wrestling singlet.A warranty also lets you know how much confidence a manufacturer has in their product and can be used as deciding factor between two similar wrestling singlets that you are thinking about buying.Best Wrestling Singlet ReviewsAfter looking at our wrestling singlet buying guide at the list of characteristics that should be aware of when shopping for them, you should now realize you have a lot of buying options in the sports marketplace and you don’t just want to settle for any old wrestling singlet. We looked at many models of them and here is what we determined to be the best of those wrestling singlets:Matman Wrestling Youth Boys Double Knit Nylon SingletPros:Durable double-knit nylon fabricVery comfortableAvailable in assorted colorsCons:A little priceyOnly youth sizesBasic stylingIt might just surprise you that the number one wrestling singlet on our list is a model that is geared towards youth wrestlers. Matman is a leader manufacturer of wrestling gear and this fine singlet shows why. They put a lot of effort into its design so it will benefit any youth wrestler that wears it.It all starts with the very durable and comfortable nylon fabric it is made from. It will nicely stretch a little as your young grappler moves about the map and you don’t have to worry about it tearing. Everything about its construction allows for a lot of freedom of movement. Your youth wrestler will really like wearing this when participating in the sport.This is a fairly stylish wrestling singlet too. It has some nice accent striping around the edges and comes in a wide variety of colors. That means you can find it in a color that any child will like.  ASICS Men’s Snap Down Wrestling SingletPros:Fabric stretches nicelyVery comfortableStitching is hardly noticeableCons:Legs can be tightRuns a little smaller than the sizing chartBasic stylingDon’t be fooled by the name because there are no snaps found on this product, but what you do get is an excellent one-piece wrestling singlet. Asics just seems to be making better and better wrestling equipment each and every year. We really loved the design of this product.The material in these singlets has a lot of stretch to it so you can comfortably move around the mat. It is also a fabric that has antimicrobial properties so it resists building up smells in between washings. It also has ribbed elastic bands at the leg openings that help keep it from riding up your leg as you move about.This is also a very stylish piece of wrestling equipment. It comes in many different color choices and also features a nice accent striping design. There is no doubt about it, this is one of the better-looking wrestling singlets on our review list. This is a really great singlet for wrestling and other athletic activities that Asics has designed.  ASICS Men’s Solid Modified SingletPros:Fabric stretches nicelyVery comfortableStitching is hardly noticeableCons:Legs can be tightRuns a little smaller than the sizing chartBasic stylingAsics has made quite a name for themselves in the world of wrestling. That is because of the fine wrestling products that they produce like this excellent singlet. It allows for maximum freedom of movement that will help any teen or adult grappler take their game to a higher level.This singlet has the ability to grow with you as you fill out your frame too. It can stretch nicely because of the fact it is made out of almost 20% lycra spandex; combine that with a large percentage of nylon and you get a very durable material too that can handle the wear and tear of wrestling for a long time.The styling on these wrestling singlets is very basic and they are only available in solid colors. You do have a choice of several different colors. Consider getting a size bigger than the chart says if you are at the upper end of the suggested weight limit.  Brute Maverick Adult Wrestling SingletPros:Fabric stretches nicelyVery comfortableStylish choicesCons:Legs can run tightWash before usingLighter striping can be see throughMany of us like these wrestling singlets as much as any we took a look at. There is simply a lot to like about the way that Brute designed them. We can’t see anybody who purchases one of these being dissatisfied with the fine product.For one thing, they are very comfortable if you wash them one time before wearing them (can be itchy if you don’t). They also have a really nice amount of give to them thanks to the large amount of spandex that is included in the fabric they are made. The seams are strong and done in a way that they are not really noticeable as you wear this product.These singlets come in a variety of colors and are as stylish as any you will find on our review list. It makes a nice added touch for anyone that purchases this model wrestling singlet. This is a really nice design by Brute.  Brute Women’s Performance Cut Lycra Wrestling SingletPros:Fabric stretches nicelyVery comfortableLess revealing in the chest areaCons:Can run tightWash before usingNot a unisex productYou may not believe it but one of the top wrestling singlets on our list is a model from Brute that is designed for adult females. It is nice to see a company dedicate a singlet design to both lady wrestlers and other athletes that need a singlet that accommodates the special contours of a woman better.The fabric on it is almost 20% Lycra spandex so it will stretch nicely as you workout or participate in a sport such as wrestling. Brute has done a really nice design with this singlet but if you are a fuller figured lady you may want to go up one size when ordering. It is also a product that is very durable too thanks to a large amount of sturdy nylon fabric that goes into making it.It is very basic in design but it still looks good thanks to the nice way the pattern is cut in it. This singlet also comes in a variety of colors to help everyone find a choice that is appealing to them.  ASICS Mens Lightning Strike SingletPros:Fabric stretches nicelyVery comfortableUltra-lightweightCons:Not for smaller framesWash before usingLegs don’t always stay in placeThis is one good-looking singlet with anything but a boring design and print.  However, as much as we’d like to research and give you lots of helpful info, there’s just not that much information online about this particular singlet.  Our reviewer (collegiate athlete) has not yet had a chance to wear this singlet in battle and we’re not sure when he will.  That said, it looks like this one is made with some great design features like “Hydrology Fabric”, Fully Sublimated design with elastic leg opening, Flatlock stitching, anti-odor properties, etc.  Reviews from verified customers were good and nothing bad was found, so that’s good enough (in THIS CASE) for us to at least recommend it with caution.  If I was a wrestler, heck, I’d grab one.  But then again, I like to take risks and step outside of the box!  What about you?!  Adidas Stock Singlet with 3 Side StripesPros:Fabric stretches nicelyVery comfortableHuge color selectionCons:Can run smallTight thigh bandsSome won’t like the high cutAdidas has long been a maker of fine wrestling gear and here is another really good wrestling product from one of the world’s top, elite athletic wear brands. These singlets will allow any wrestler to move about unimpeded on the mat. As usual, you can tell Adidas has put a lot of time and effort into making sure they came up with a good product here.This is a special high cut design that some wrestlers prefer because it protects a little better against mat burns. It features excellent stitching that is non-abrasive and flat. Its material has a lot of stretch to it and the bands around the legs keep it firmly in place when moving around.This wrestling singlet is very stylish too thanks to the glossy fabric it is made of and the trademark triple accent striping on the sides that Adidas is famous for. It is available in a very large variety of color choices; it would be hard to imagine not one of these color choices pleasing even the most demanding tastes.  Lycra Wrestling Singlet by 4-Time All AmericanPros:Fabric stretches nicelyVery comfortableMoisture wickingCons:Legs can run tightWash before usingColors may vary from samplesAs you can probably imagine, the design of these wrestling singlets was done by four-time NCAA wrestling champion Dustin Center. It takes a lot of wrestling expertise to accomplish that feat and some of that knowledge definitely goes into the design of these wrestling singlets.The unique thing about this company is they allow for exchanges in the price of this product and they are happy to make as many exchanges as possible to get you or your youth wrestler into a proper fitting wrestling singlet.These singlets are made out of a very durable material that stretches nicely too. This is also a moisture-wicking product to help keep you dry as you workout or wrestle. The seams on this singlet are done flat style so as not to cause you any discomfort as you wear it. It is a high cut wrestling singlet that comes in a basic design. There are a few colors to choose from also.  Brute Men’s Lycra High Cut Wrestling SingletPros:Fabric stretches nicelyVery comfortableHuge color selectionCons:Legs can run tightBasic stylingSome won’t like the high cutBrute has put yet another fine wrestling singlet on our review list. It is a lightweight design that stays well in place as you move around in it. This singlet is also very durable because of its combination Lycra and nylon material.What makes this singlet different from others? For one it has a high cut design that covers more of the upper body to help protect against such things as mat burns. It also extends a little lower on the thigh area than most wrestling singlets do.It is a unique design that features only a very basic one color style, however, it also comes in several different eye-pleasing colors. We think Brute has come up with a nice design here.  Matman Wrestling 83 SingletPros:StylishVery comfortableMoisture wickingCons:Legs can run tightNo spandexMaybe too revealing for the ladiesThis is the final wrestling singlet on our review list but don’t mistake that for meaning it is not a quality product. Quite frankly speaking there are no bad products on our review list. Matman has designed yet another fine wrestling product with this singlet design. It will not hinder or restrict the athletic performance of anyone who wears it.It is a singlet that is made out of very durable 100% double knit nylon. That type of material is what also helps keep you cool and comfortable while wearing it. This material can even handle being machine washed on a regular basis.This is a stylish wrestling singlet too that comes in a variety of colors and also features some nice accent striping. It is hard for us to see anyone being disappointed with this product after purchasing it.  Final Thoughts & Recommendations If you wrestle or use your singlet for other activity it is important that you have one that is comfortable and stretches with you. The ones on our review list will all do that nicely. Which ones do we like best? If we had to make a choice it would definitely be the Matman Wrestling Youth Boys Double Knit Nylon Singlet for younger wrestlers, the Brute Women’s Performance Cut Lycra Wrestling Singlet for women and the ASICS Men’s Snap Down Wrestling Singlet for older teens and adults.If by chance you don’t like any of the wrestling singlets on our review list, then please be sure to follow some of the tips in the buying guide when shopping. If you do that then you should have no problem finding one of the best wrestling singlets for yourself or your youth wrestler. The post The 10 Best Adult & Youth Wrestling Singlets for 2019 appeared first on Sport Consumer.