Vitaly Safronov: Lifetime ban for competing at RIGA OPEN 2019

Vitaly Safronov, banned for competing at RIGA OPEN 2019
I really love armwrestling… I think the only thing I’m starting to love more than armwrestling is the World Armwrestling Federation, and I think I’m not the only one… Yes, I’m being sarcastic of course… found out about the case of Vitaly Safronov who got a lifetime ban for competing at an URPA event banned by WAF: RIGA OPEN 2019. (See ► RESULTS: RIGA OPEN 2019, VIDEOS)
I’m really waiting for the rest of competitors from RIGA OPEN 2019 to receive a lifetime ban from WAF… Keeping it up like this, really soon only the WAF Executive board will get to do some armwrestling in their precious World Armwrestling Federation…
Below you can read what Vitaly Safronov had to say about this… He is extremely peaceful, respectful and calm, considering what happened:
Vitaly Safronov: ” I highly respect my friends at Hungarian Federation and I do not want to mention any names specifically. Neither I have hard feelings nor do I question their reputation or dedication to growth of armwrestling locally and globally. Hungarian team has tremendous progress thanks to their efforts.
Nonetheless after my participation in Riga Open 2019 and my first URPA points here is what has happened:
I was approached by an official person, a friend of mine, who spoke on behalf of Head of Hungarian Federation. He literally mentioned that Federation has a contract with WAF where it is written that if any Hungarian competitor takes part in any URPA competition he is banned and he is not able to compete in any WAF event anymore.
Taking into account that every local event in Hungary is organized by Federation, I am banned everywhere here.
During clarification I was told that this is permanent unconditional lifetime ban.
Sorry but that’s all details I have as the message was quite short. ”
So what do you plan to do now ?
Vitaly Safronov: ” Well. Getting ready for Senec Hand. And as I am not welcome in armwrestling gym now where all my friends pull and train, I will arrange training place at home and invite closest friends to pull and enjoy barbeque :).
As a side note I was part of Ukrainian team and competed as Junior <18 y.o. at international level in late 1990s and early 2000s. Managed to become 4 times national Ukraine Junior champion and 2 times European WAF Junior champion (in Hungary, ironically and in Turkey). And got Silver at Worlds Juniour Championship in Senec.
So WAF bans me permanently without even checking that probably. I doubt that makes difference as I was not very active in WAF events after my Junior carrier. “
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