The 10 Best Men’s & Women’s Disc Golf Shoes 2019

This is a bit of a tricky topic!  Disc golf shoes can take many forms, and in fact, the official shoe sponsor of the pro disc golf tour is actually a hiking shoe from Keen!  Nothing says you can’t use a regular golf shoe (some pros do!) while others prefer a trail running shoe.  So whether it’s trail runners, conventional golf shoes, or hiking shoes, let’s focus on which ones are the best options.   The thing about shoes is that as long as you buy something of a relatively decent quality it is going to last you for a long time. Golf shoes come in all sorts of different sizes, shapes and designs and it can be rather difficult to narrow down your options. In order to figure out which golf shoes are of a good quality it is important to know what to look for. Below we have made a list of some of the most important show features to help you narrow down your options.Top Disc Golf Shoes Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Latitude 64 Waterproof T-Link Men’s Disc Golf Shoe $$$Check Price on Amazon2. KEEN Men’s Saltzman WP Hiking Shoe $$$$Check Price on Amazon3. adidas Men’s Adicross IV Golf Shoe $$$$Check Price on Amazon4. adidas Men’s Pure 360 Gripmore Sport Golf Shoe $$$Check Price on Amazon5. adidas Men’s Pure 360 LTD Golf Shoe $$$$Check Price on Amazon6. Adidas Outdoor Womens Terrex Swift R GTX $$$Check Price on Amazon7. adidas Women’s W Adizero Sport III Golf Shoe $$Check Price on Amazon8. adidas Women’s W Adicross IV Golf Shoe $$Check Price on Amazon9. adidas Women’s W Climacool II Golf Shoe $Check Price on Amazon10. Salomon Men’s Speedcross Pro Extra Lightweight Trail Running Shoes $$$$Check Price on AmazonDisc Golf Shoes Buying GuidePriceThis is the most important factor for many people and it can be a really good indication of the overall quality of the product. Although this is definitely one of the best places to start when it comes to finding something that is of a good quality it is important to look at several other factors to make sure that the company didn’t just overprice their product.WarrantyThis is the next thing that you should carefully examine when you are trying to find yourself a good quality pair of golf shoes. The warranty can really save you for when you notice a defect in the shoes a few days after wearing them. It is not uncommon for this to take place and it is nice to know that the manufacturer is willing to cover you when this occurs. Although you may have a difficult time finding a warranty on a pair of cheap shoes, it is definitely still a good idea to try and find something with a warranty so that you don’t end up losing all your money on a cheap purchase.ComfortSince golf is a pretty long sport it is essential to find yourself a comfortable pair of shoes. Looking for things such as a padded tongue, a padded collar, and a comfortable insole are the most important aspects. Other things that can really influence the overall comfortability of a shoe are the arch and how tight the laces are. You don’t want to have a show that is too tight on your feet and you definitely want some arch support because you will be walking around for a good length of time during your golf game.SizeIt is extremely important to buy the right size of shoes for your feet, not only for your own comfort but also so that the shoes last you for a long period of time and so that you feel comfortable wearing them for an extended period of time. If you are growing it won’t hurt you to buy shoes that are too big for you by a little bit, but just make sure that you aren’t buying such big shoes that you aren’t tripping over your own feet. If you are in a huge growing age in your life maybe you should consider buying yourself a cheaper pair because you know you will be out of those shoes in a relatively short time frame.DesignThe design of a shoe is important to many golfers. Not only is it important to find something that is made from a high-quality material and that is stitched together in a proper fashion, but it is also important to find something that is close to your personal style so that you don’t feel self-conscious about wearing your shoes. It is a good idea to also have a look and see what kind of tread are on the bottom of these shoes because you are going to want some extra grip on your shoes so that you can throw the discs properly and not have to worry about things like falling over or losing your footing in a muddy area.BrandThe brand of a shoe is important to many people and can really have an influence on the quality of the product. It is important to remember that buying a big name brand may not be your best option. If you buy a big name brand you can end up paying a bit of a premium on that product just because it has that big name brand attached to it. Even if you are buying from a big name brand it is still a good idea to look at the materials that they incorporated into the end product to make sure that the quality is there. Even big name brands make mistakes sometimes and it is important to try your best to spot potential flaws so that you don’t end up in a bad situation.LacesThis is another very important factor when it comes to shoes because you want something that is going to keep your feet secure, but you also want something that isn’t too tight on your feet so that your feet don’t hurt. It is also a good idea to check and see if there is any kind of metal support rings or whether the holes are just punched in the fabric where the laces go through. Metal support can add increased durability if the shoes are made out of a soft fabric and so this may be a feature to look for.TreadThis is something you are especially going to want to have a look at if you are worried about slipping or falling. Tread comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and you will find rubber tread, metal tread, and even some shoes that have some kind of plastic or another hard material that they use as the tread in their design. It is important to make sure that the tread on a shoe is capable of holding up to wear and tear. Especially if you are going to be using these shoes on a daily basis you won’t want something that has a smooth bottom or you run the risk of a missed shot or an injury which could prevent you from continuing to play disc golf long term.MaterialsYou are going to find golf shoes that are made up of all kinds of different materials and it can be quite difficult to determine whether a product actually contains a high-quality material if you don’t know what to look for. A high-quality golf shoe will generally be made of leather or fake leather; shoes that use leather in their design are quite durable as leather is weather resistant, doesn’t fade easily and holds up over long-term use. If you are looking at cheaper shoes you will also notice shoes that are made up of other kinds of rubber-like fabric and these shoes will last you for a fair length of time as long as you are careful when picking them out. You should look to make sure everything is stitched nicely together and that the shoe is well attached to the sole/ the bottom of the shoe.Best Disc Golf Shoe Reviews (hiking, running and regular golf options) Latitude 64 Waterproof T-Link Men’s Disc Golf Shoe This is a pretty nice golf shoe that is available for a pretty good price tag. The golf shoes come in a total of four different sizes and have some pretty good tread on the bottom of the shoe to make sure that you have good grip while you are out on the course. There are a large number of sizes available and they range from sizes 6-14.Pros:These shoes are actually waterproof which is great for playing disc golf on a miserable dayVery stylish, eye appealing designAvailable in a huge range of sizes so that almost any disc golfer can purchase these shoesAvailable in a total of four different color options to suit a wide audiencePlenty of rubber tread offers good grip while on any terrainCons:The laces are made of a thin material and are attached by thin straps that could potentially get caught on things and rip KEEN Men’s Saltzman WP Hiking Shoe This hiking shoe is a little more expensive than some of the other shoes that you might see, but it is a very nice shoe that has a very nice eye appealing design. This shoe is available in sizes 7-15 and is available in a bunch of different styles to suit personal tastes. A very comfortable fitting shoe that has a rubber bottom with a fair amount of tread in order to keep you from falling on the golf course.Pros:Very nice eye appealing designMade with waterproof mesh so that you can golf in poor weatherPadded tongue and back make for a comfortable fit, even over long-term wearCons:This shoe is fairly expensiveSome golfers may want spikes on their shoes rather than just thick tread Adidas Men’s Adicross IV Golf Shoe Another very nice golf shoe that can really range in price depending on the design of the shoe that you like. This shoe is made out of leather which offers it some very good durability and overall a very nice look. The bottom of the shoe is made out of rubber and the tread on this shoe is tiny rubber points to help give you improved grip on even the most unstable ground. This shoe comes in sizes 7.5-13.Pros:Rubber spikes offer very good traction on a wide variety of surfacesWater resistant design will help keep your feet dry for a longer period of timeLightweight golf shoe that offers metal protectors for the laces which help add durability to the designCons:Can be very expensive depending on which design you likeNot waterproofNot available in as many sizes as some models on the market Adidas Men’s Pure 360 Gripmore Sport Golf Shoe This is a nice shoe that is offered for a pretty reasonable price tag no matter what design you pick out of the five that are available. When in stock this shoe has sizes 7-12 and has some very stylish designs to choose from. The tread on these shoes is rubber and features no spikes which some golfers may not like. Overall this is a very nice fabric shoe with a padded tongue and back for added comfort over long-term wear.Pros:Fairly good weather protectionComfortable fit thanks to excess amounts of padding in sensitive areasLots of nice designs to choose from with a variety of color optionsRubber bottom is quite durable and thick; these shoes should last you for a long period of timeCons:Laces are not supported by any metalThere are no spikes on the bottom of these shoes for extra gripOnly available in sizes 7-12Made out of fabric rather than a more durable leather design Adidas Men’s Pure 360 LTD Golf Shoe These shoes are about in the average price range and offer a lot of awesome features that are going to be hard to find on a shoe for this kind of money. The shoe is made of leather and has a very nice, simple design featuring three stripes. These are a pair of very comfortable golf shoes that are meant to be worn long term thanks to high quality materials incorporated into the design.Pros:Leather shoes add a huge amount of durability to the designA sole that is made of synthetic materials helps to make these shoes comfortable even over periods of lonlong-termar.Laces are small and hard to catch on thingsSpikes on the bottom of the shoe help you to remain standing even in bad weather and course conditionsCons:These shoes are not available in a variety of sizesTongue could be more comfortable and have more padding Adidas Outdoor Womens Terrex Swift R GTX This shoe definitely is a little bit of a higher price than some of the other golf shoes on the market but it does bring a lot of nice features to the table that help it to be one of the biggest competitors in the marketplace. Featuring a very stylish design and a massive amount of sizes that range from 5-15 when in stock; it will be difficult to find this nice of a shoe elsewhere no matter the price you pay.Pros:This shoe is available in a ton of colors and styles to suit your personal tastesThe shoe is very light weight and easy to run and walk in for a long time if you so desireRubber bottom contains spikes so that you maintain good grip while you are out on the golf course.Made from synthetic material this shoe looks good and should also last you for a long period of timeCons:Not made out of leatherMay be a bit too high of a price for some golfers Adidas Women’s W Adizero Sport III Golf Shoe This is a very nice shoe that offers a pretty low to average price. The shoe itself incorporated a spiked rubber back for added grip and stability with textured rubber tread around the rest of the shoe for added grip. The shoe is available in four different color options and comes in sizes 5-10. A padded tongue and back on these shoes will help to keep you comfortable for long term wear.Pros:Mesh upper layer offers relief from moisture so that you can remain comfortable wearing these shoes over a long period of time.Available in four different styles to suit your wants and needsLight weight design is great for walking around the course while maintaining grip and comfortabilityHigh lace hole options allow you to secure your foot in very tightly if that is something that interests youCons:Not made out of leatherThe lace holes are not reinforced by metal except for the top lace hole Adidas Women’s W Adicross IV Golf Shoe This shoe is a little bit cheaper than some of the other women’s shoes on the market and yet it still offers some very awesome features that you are not going to find on a lot of other shoes in this price range. The shoes come in sizes 5-10 when they are in stock and have a very stylish look to them; the shoes are also available in four different colors so that you can match the shoes to your personal tastes.Pros:These shoes are made from a synthetic and leather combination that offers you a very durable shoe overallThe shoe has a rubber bottom with spikes on the whole front have of the shoe which offer you very good grip and support even on rough terrainA range of styles and sizes all available for a low price tag; really makes these shoes appeal to a wide audienceThe laces on these shoes are reinforced by metal and should be quite durable even over long term use.Cons:The shoes aren’t pure leatherThe shoes are not waterproof Adidas Women’s W Climacool II Golf Shoe This is a very nice shoe that is available for quite a low price considering how nice and sleek the design is. This shoe is extremely light weight and actually comes in six different styles to match to your personal tastes. The show does have very small spikes on the bottom but not a ton; which can be expected at this low price range. These shoes come in sizes 5-10 and offer a very slim design that is easy to slip on and get out on the golf course.Pros:Six different styles and a variety of sizes to choose from appeals to a wide audienceSome tread on the bottom as well as spikes to keep you from fallingMesh design allows for moisture to escape from your shoes and keep you comfortable during long periods of wearCons:Long laces may cause you to have to double knot your shoesMesh design makes this shoe more vulnerable to water and getting your feet wetCould have more spikes on the bottom of the shoe for added stability Salomon Men’s Speedcross Pro Extra Lightweight Trail Running ShoesThe Salomon Speedcross Pro would be my choice if I played even on a semi-regular basis.  The Speedcross Pro is really a trail running shoe at its core, but I’m not sure there’s a better option for disc golf out there!  I want a light shoe and one that is meant for natural terrain.  A hiking shoe might do nearly as well, but I prefer the lightness and cool looks of a trail running shoe.   An Anti-debris mesh is part of the design, and it also has a welded Sensifit and it includes Salomon’s Endofit technology for improved foot wrapping and support. We were only a little bit surprised by the level of comfort these shoes offer because we trusted and were familiar with the Salomon brand. The main body construction features a water-resistant textile to offer a fusion of protection, breathability, and comfort, across a range of conditions.  You can read a whole lot more about the Speedcross at Amazon and other sites.  This is our highest recommendation of the bunch.ProsDurable synthetic material should last for a long timeSpikes on the bottom of the shoe help to prevent you from slipping and falling overVery reliable brandMesh material helps to remove moisture from inside of the shoesCons:Price point can rise to the ridiculous on the higher end! Conclusion & RecommendationsIt is really hard to find yourself a good quality pair of shoes especially with so many good brands of shoes on the market. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner just learning to play or a professional player, everyone can benefit from having comfortable shoes on that have good tread on them so that you don’t run the risk of messing up your shots. Always remember it is a good idea to check things like warranty as well as size to make sure that you can get yourself a proper fit. Best of luck in your hunt for a great disc golf shoe; and good luck in your golfing games.The post The 10 Best Men’s & Women’s Disc Golf Shoes 2019 appeared first on Sport Consumer.