National Basketball Association, Betting and Bonuses

The NBA is one of the most iconic sports associations in the world with fans of every age and from all walks of life. With a league made up of 30 high calibre teams, spectators can be rest assured of a fast pace game whether they are watching the Eastern or Western conferences sessions. Fans and the media have witnessed a fantastic season that was beset with uncertainty at the start of the season.
Its Only Words
When it comes to betting on NBA games it is important to make sure the terminology is understood and used correctly. At best, not knowing what you’re doing could cause some embarrassment, whilst at worst a lot more than a little hurt pride could be lost.
Point Spread
In essence, betting on a basketball game is not much different to betting on a game of football and one of the best used tactics is the “point spread.” This is a simple technique that applies a handicap to one team based on their previous performance. In short this means that a strong team may have to win additional points for a spectator to win.
Totals Bets
Over/under bets are also a keen favourite where the bookie sets an expected score and bettors must bet on whether the final score will be over or under the predicted score. This is more commonly known as a “Totals” bet.
Money Line Wager
Another alternative form of bet is the Money Line Wager. This is a simple bet on the winner of the game, without levelling the field as is the case in a Point Spread. The rub with this is that if the bettor wants to bet on a likely winner, they are often required to lay a much bigger bet down.
Parlays and Teasers
Finally we come to Parlays and Teasers, sometimes also known as exotic bets. These are in effect a form of cumulative betting where the bettor must accurately guess the winner of a minimum of two games. Parlays can be used in combination with Point Spreads or a Money Line bet whist Teasers can only be used with the Point Spread bet. However, be warned, Parlays are only effective if you win all the bets laid down.
Making the Most of Online Bonus Offers
These days more and more people will take advantage of being able to make their bets online. Canadian gaming sites are of great help to new bettors navigating through their first few bets by making use of the excellent help pages, FAQs and online chats.
The other benefit to using online casinos is that many offer a wider range of casino bonuses. The bonuses can come in a variety of forms, such as Match Bonuses, which are usually awarded when a customer signs up and deposits a qualifying amount of money. However occasionally they may be awarded simply on registration, a so-called Sign-up Bonus or No Deposit Bonus. You can read more about casino bonus games and how to obtain a certain bonus on casino guide site such as
Always Read the Small Print
The one thing to bear in mind is that although some of the bonuses on offer can be very generous players should be aware that any winnings made may carry additional requirements before they can be withdrawn. This may be as simple as having to make an initial deposit above a certain amount, or more commonly, playing a set amount of money through specific games on offer.
The great news is that all the terms and conditions are listed on the website, so there is always plenty of time for players to peruse the guides and get to know the rules and etiquette.
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