Swedish Armwrestling Federation leaves WAF and EAF

Swedish Armwrestling Federation withdraws from WAF and EAF │Image Source: Anders Axklo
The Swedish Armwrestling Federation has in an extra congress on 09-06-2019 voted to terminate its membership and withdraw from The World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) and its continental subsidary The European Armwrestling Federation (EAF).
The decision is made as a result of that a longstanding lack of transparency in in management and the decision making process now has culminated in a questionable managements attempt to limit the free right of athletes and officials to practice their sport.
As a result, The Swedish Armwrestling Federation withdraw its recognition of WAF as the world governing body of armwrestling.
The elected leadership of the Swedish Armwrestling Federation will now seek and support the forming of a new, free and democratic international movement that secures athletes the right to freely practice their sport according to values guiding the Swedish sports movement.
The Swedish Armwrestling Federation is an independent part of the Swedish Martial Arts Federation, and is fully recognised by the Swedish National Sport Federation, meaning among other things that the Federation is fully WADA-compliant, in words and in action. ”
If you want to download the original document on facebook ► Anders Axklo – World Armwrestling Federation PDF (306 KB)
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