A Few Fun Baseball Facts

When it comes to any sport, there ae those people who believe that they know all that is to know about the game that they are watching. They make sure that they interject everything that you say when it comes to that particular. Today on the other hand, we will give you some fun and interesting baseball facts that will their jaws drop when you tell them.
All About Baseball
The Ball
It can’t be a game of baseball without the ball. That being said, our first fact is about the ball that is used in the game. According to https://www.worldbookies.com/ the life span of a major league baseball is 5-7 pitches. Such that during a game, approximately 70 balls will be used. Which is no shock as those balls are battered by the players. No wonder they don’t last long.
For the Love of the Game
The history of baseball dates its origins back to the USA. However, the game has since spread to over 100 countries world-wide. And to add on to that, Japan has the largest pro baseball league outside the USA. As we said, jaw dropping facts.
 The Ladies in the Game
All the sports these days are played by both genders. Be it basketball, netball, hockey and even baseball. However, some sports are still male dominated like baseball. Such that no woman has ever played in the major league baseball game. Effa Manley (1987-1981) who was a sports executive is the first and only inducted int o the Baseball Hall of Fame.
The Gloves
Baseball Gloves we all know that technology evolves. That is why it moved from arcade games to online casino games, soon to be available at sport bet. However, technology is not the only thing that has evolved. Baseball gloves have evolved more than any other piece of sports equipment. Its either the first gloves where really bad or baseball has some serious enthusiasts. Who wants the best for the players.
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