At Least One Super Bowl 54 Team Comes Out of New York

You might think that the Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl again …
… Or that the Drew Brees will get his second ring on the tenth anniversary of his first Super Bowl win back in the 2009-2010 season when they defeated the Colts. Not only is that most likely not the case, but it’s also a sucker bet. Top online sportsbooks have the New Orleans Saints at +850 (8.5/1) and the Pats at +700 (7/1). Sure, seven to one seems like a good deal but, given the fact that the Jets and Giants are 80/1 … and the Bills are 100/1. The best value is obvious. You can spread your money around to all three of these teams and still win more than you would off the likes of the Patriots.
New York Jets
There was a lot of hope for the Jets at the beginning of the season last year. A new-look defense and a brand spanking new NFL-ready QB. But the problems started early. Injury after injury, especially at running back and on the offensive line.
But now the whole, moving the ball problem won’t be an issue as they Jets have one of the best rock-rushers in the NFL in Le’Veon Bell. After a year of rest, we should see him in top form and ready to get a ton of touches. The other determining factor as to why the Jets are the likely winners of the AFC East is the fact that Sam Darnold now has a full year under his belt and a sophomore slump is not in the picture. In fact, Darnold has all the makings of a 1984 Dan Marino. Dan the Man went 14-2, passed for 5,084 yards and 48 TDs in his sophomore year in the league. This is the bar that is set for young Sam.
Buffalo Bills
If there is any team on the rise in the NFL, it’s the Bills. And let’s be honest … there is really only one thing that’s important to Bills fans: just that they are better than the Jets.
Well, after this offseason it’s going to be a two-horse race in the AFC East to capture the division title. Josh Allen has reportedly completely eliminated all of his herky-jerky play – no more under-pressure-tourettes– he is now the model of poise. Plus, he’s got a stable of sticky-handed targets with unbeatable verticle leaps. Cole Beasley may only be 5’8, but did you know that he can dunk? And not just a little bit, the kind where the ball muffs against the rim and barely goes in … No. Beasley can slam it. Good luck deflecting passes in a jump-ball situation against that guy.
On top of it all, the Bills might just have the most improved offensive line in the entire NFL. Now, Josh Allen is going to be able to just chill out in the pocket and wait for his receivers to get open. Bills running back. They’ll also part defensive lines like the Moses and the Red Sea for Frank Gore and LeSean McCoy. Yep. With their newly balanced offense, the Bills are going to be tough to beat in 2019.
New York Giants
Not quite as likely to win their conference as the one-two punch combo over in the AFC, the Giants are still worth a look.
It’s Barkley’s second year, and we are likely to see Pat Shurmur work in a QB who can actually throw the ball with some accuracy beyond the ten-yard hash-mark (Daniel Jones). So, many have chastised the decision to take Jones over Haskins, but I’m telling you, he’s a future Hall of Famer.
Plus we know that magic is going to happen downfield with receivers, Golden Tate … and Brittan Golden … and Sterling Shepard … and Russell Shepard. Opposing secondaries are sure to get confused as to which man they are covering, which will open up tons of opportunities for busted coverage down deep throughout the season.
With three drastically improved teams in New York, at least one of them is making it to the Super Bowl.
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