What To Expect From Some Of This Years NFL Teams

Summer is still in the air, but there is no denying that Fall is closely creeping up. It will probably be here before you know it and with it will come one of America’s favorite past times. This is football, of course. There is no denying that football has seen its ups and downs over the past couple of seasons, but it still easily remains one of the most popular and widely viewed sports. When you look at all the hard-hitting action and excitement that the game brings to the table it is easy to understand why fans are still mesmerized with the game after so many years of watching it.
That being said, this weekend will be the first in which all 32 teams across spread across the United States will report for training camp. It would be hard to say that there won’t be a lot going on and even more to keep up with as a fan or gambler. Below, you are going to learn about some key things that you need to watch with each franchise.
The Arizona Cardinals
There is probably more anticipation and hype surrounding the Cardinals than any other team in the league right now. Some might normally consider all this attention a good thing, but that might not be the case for the Cardinals at all. The team and owner can thank both Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury for this unwanted attention at the beginning of the season. Murray is a 5’ 10” rookie quarterback and Kingsbury is just a mere first-year head coach with a losing record on a college level. Things look dreary, but dedicated Arizona fans see the true potential behind this power duo. The sky really could be the limit this year, but time will only tell.
The Atlanta Falcons
It would be easy to say that the Falcons experienced an injury-riddled 2018. It would be even easier to blame all this on head coach Dan Quinn. What happened to this guy? With his two years as the Seahawks defensive coordinator, the team had one of the top-ranked defenses in the entire league. Now, that he has been calling the plays for the last 4 years with the Falcons they have only ranked in the top ten one year. A lot of eyes will be on this coach and his squad as he tries to get them back on the winning side of things.
The Baltimore Ravens
Anyone that placed money on the Ravens at pokies for real money during last years season is probably pretty upset with Lamar Jackson. Well, fans can put their minds at ease because it seems that the team is hitting training camp with one goal in mind. And, that goal is to reinvent their offense. The team picked up two highly sought after rookie receivers in the first and third round, so it is possible that the team could very well reinvent its offense. Marquise Brown was drafted in the first and Miles Boykin went in the third. To say the least, these two newcomers are going to give Jackson’s arm a run for its money.
The Buffalo Bills
There were high hopes when the Bills drafted Josh Allen back in 2018 during the seventh round. As of right now, neither the team or fans know if Allen is the franchise’s quarterback. The team and offensive coordinators certainly went out of their way to tailor-make a supporting cast that would best accentuate his skill set, but it seems to have had little to no effect. Only time can tell what this young up and comer will be able to prove in his second year with the Bills. This will at least give fans an idea of his dedication to the team.

The Carolina Panthers
Carolina’s defense left a lot to be desired last season. There is no denying the team has a who’s who of skilled defensive players, but they just couldn’t seem to put them to use. With only 35 sacks throughout the entire 2018 season, the team took home the title of the second-lowest sacks in an entire season. This team is now switching to a 3 to 4 base and bringing on additional talent like Brian Burns to hone their defensive line.
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