EUROARM 2020 CANCELLED, 30th European Armwrestling Championships 2020

“The European Armwrestling Federation (EAF) has cancelled the 2020 European Armwrestling & Para-Armwrestling Championships, in Hungary, due to the ongoing spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
The championships were set to take place between Saturday 16 and Sunday 24 May, in Balatonfüred, where it was expected more than 1000 participants from over 30 European countries.
Taking in consideration recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO), Hungarian authorities and Hungarian Armwrestling Federation, considering other national qualification championships that have been cancelled in the past days, and various national travel restrictions that are coming into force around Europe.
European Armwrestling Federation Executive board, with regret announce that the 2020 European Armwrestling & Para-Armwrestling Championships are cancelled.
EAF would like to thank Hungarian Armwrestling Federation, the City of Balatonfüred for their support and send our appreciation to our athletes, officials, and supporters for understanding in this matter.
Be safe!
Source: European Armwrestling Federation EAF

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