VIDEOS: Daniel Procopciuc – All left hand matches at PUSHKAR CUP 2020

Daniel Procopciuc at Pushkar Cup 2020 – left hand
After winning all the left hand matches in his -80 kg weight class, Daniel Procopciuc also took 2nd place in the Open Class at PUSHKAR CUP 2020.
Many more people will understand now, why Daniel Procopciuc is in the Current Pound for Pound list we made in WORLD ARMWRESTLING RANKINGS by Experts, since the last update we made (10 February 2020).
Daniel Procopciuc at PUSHKAR CUP 2020 – All Matches (Left Hand)

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Вітаю з перемогою в абсолютній ваговій категорії Vadim Stecjuk! Нагороджують Sergiy Konyushok , Президент федерації стронгмену України та почесний Президент федерації стронгмену Василь Вірастюк. Дякую вам за присутність і пам’ять про Андрій Пушкар.
Publicată de Svitlana Pushkar pe Sâmbătă, 29 februarie 2020

Saturday January 11, 2020

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Svitlana Pushkar on facebook (Translated Text):
Congratulations on winning the absolute weight category of Vadim Stecjuk!
Awarded by Sergiy Konyushok, President of the Federation of the Ukraine and the honorary President of the strongman Federation of Василь Vírastûk.
Thank you for your presence and memory of Андрій Puškar.