of Hedgerow Lanes and Orchards Flames (Fields of Fire)

The  above to the right, with its pop-down menu,  should help you navigate to all areas of my solitary venture into all things board-gamey… especially focusing on solitaire variants of multiplayer games but also peeking furtively at solitaire and co-operative games alike.
Be sure to wander over to the other areas of o where all things boardgamey and soloist are subject to many ramblings and such like on the solitaire variants of multiplayer game page link:.

…if it is Solitaire Games with cunning AI’s that you are looking for

Bots definitely make for challenging opponent type artificial intelligence  link:.
Or just glance at co-operative games that have their own special brand of solitarianism  link:  2 thoughts on “”.
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Of The Homicidal Star-Beast Horror and The Ill-fated Shuttlecraft Romora (Mark Chaplin)

of Hedgerow Lanes and Orchards Flames (Fields of Fire).

Of Scottish Trade Ships & Quantum Apocalypse (Darien Apocalypse)


Of Bullets and Bodies (Lindsay Jo Miller)

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